Keeping Pests Away From Gazebo

Keeping Pests Away From Gazebo

The warm season has come. This beautiful weather not only pleases humans but also pests. Pests embrace this weather as much as we do and this is the time when they come out in large numbers. This is when they can harm our gardens and gazebos the most. 

As a Plantsman myself, I know how really difficult and troublesome it is to keep away pests from garden, pergola but here, I am listing some ways which one can use to at least lessen the annoyance and disturbance of pests. To know more about gazebo you can contact to terrace designers and landscape architects

 These methods are proved and will keep 99.9% pests away from your garden and gazebos. 


• Spraying Some Essential Oils

Spray some Lavender or Eucalyptus, along with some water, around the area of your garden and gazebo. 

Lavender and Eucalyptus, both contain chemicals which creates a natural barrier that will keep pests far away from your favourite place for a very long time. 


• Using Hydrogen Peroxide 

Create a spray mixture made up of chemicals like Hydrogen Peroxide and some water.

This lethal mixture spray can be used as a pest repellent which will keep away pests. 

Note: Be careful when using this mixture. It should always be kept out of reach of any children and should not come close in contact with any food or drink nearby as it is a very and lethal and poisonous chemical for humans. 


• Growing Pest-Deterrent Flowers

Flowers such as Marigold acts as a protective layer which will keep pests away. Planting it in and around your garden can help you to fight against mosquitoes and other types of insects and pests.


• Using Mouthwash

This might sound a bit weird but mint-flavoured mouthwash can actually act as a pest repellent. Using this as a pest repellent will not only keep away pests but also create a fresh smell.


• Not Using Yellow Or Sodium Vapor Bulbs

Using Yellow or Sodium Vapor bulbs can attract a lot of insects which can be harmful to your garden. 

Replace them with Orange or any other colour bulbs, it may not keep pests away but at least it will attract fewer insects.


• Burning Citronella

This is a proven method that Citronella drives every bothering insect away. Burning Citronella can act as an extra protective barrier for your garden which will keep pests far away.


• Planting Herbs

Aside from flowers, one can also plant herbs. Herbs such as Rosemary, Garlic repels biting pests. This protective layer is 100% natural and has no harmful effect on humans.


• Keeping Your Garden & Gazebo Clean

With all the above methods applied, pets may still come to your favourite gardens and gazebos if you don’t clean those places. Even a small sticky substance can attract a lot of unwanted pests. 

It is advised to keep your gardens and gazebos clean. If you cannot do it every day, at least try to do it twice a week.

All those above-listed methods will only work properly if you keep your favourite place 100% clean. 


Building a gazebo in your garden needs a creative mind. The perfect spot needs perfect planning. The place, design, type, purpose, and placement of furniture inside it has to be taken into consideration. But not only gazebo but also its surroundings will need some additionals i.e. Landscape Designer Products. For eg. placement of lightning in your garden will make your garden look shiny elegant. Hanging wind chimes, placing fountains, planters, garden statues, cast iron benches, solar garden light with beautiful flowers planted will escalate the beauty of your garden.

With a little touch of decor, the entire garden with a gazebo will work like a charm.

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