Does Medicaid provide good services for oral care?


Does Medicaid provide good services for oral care?

If you care about your children’s oral health, you should visit the dentist for kids to keep an eye on their health and growth. If your child has good oral health he/she can do better in every stage like he/she can eat better, grow better.   For the betterment of the kids, the government has designed the Medicaid program that allows for specific routine and preventive dental visits and treatments each and every year.  These visits can be only for monitoring your kid’s teeth and gums whether they have any kind of problems or treatments regarding any teeth and gums problems if they have. For creating a positive experience for your kids for a dentist visit, the dentists should tell you and your child what they will do during the visits.  They will do everything to promote your child’s oral health.


Childrens dentist medicaid program:


Kid’s Medicaid program allows routine and preventive dental visits each year. These dental visits help to catch dental problems at an early stage.  If your child is suffering from any dental problems you should talk to the dentist in detail. If you discuss the treatment plan with the dentist it will help you to make the right decision for the kid. You may also ask the dentist what kind of services he/she is going to give for your child and ask for proof for the billed services because it might be possible that services are a fraud. In the case of fraud services, you can file a report against him/her.  Parents’ involvement in the child’s oral care is essential as it is good for your child and good for the Medicaid program.


Childrens dentists that take medicaid suggest that kids should have regular checkups twice a year when your kid is at the age of six months. The Medicaid program covers routine checkups up to the age of eighteen. The program has some rules to be followed. The treatment includes some basic services such as X-rays and teeth cleanings. The kids dentist medicaid is responsible to explain the services that h/she is giving to your child during visits. He/she should also provide you the list of services that he/she is claiming. If she/he is unable to satisfy your doubts you should keep asking until and unless you feel it right. If you feel something wrong you can file a complaint against him/her.


Some of the dentists hurt the patients such as:

  • When they give the wrong treatments to the patients like pulling teeth or baby root canal when it is not required.
  • Doing teeth filling on healthy teeth.
  • They keep continuing the treatment when the child is screaming in pain.


Medicaid pays dentists to provide good dental care to the patients so they have no right to hurt them. If they are caught doing such kinds of activities they are responsible to explain to Medicaid. So, they should treat their patients with love and honesty not to hurt them.


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