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Print Fast presents the premier Online Printing Platform for obtaining personal, promotional, commercial, and informational print products at the lowest prices! We are a proud Canadian own and operated print company. We provide full service design, print, signage and promotional products to personal and business customers. With over ten years of experience and latest technology, we are one of the leading print service provider.

Printfast is considered as the best Printing house Hamilton based businesses. This beautiful city, Hamilton is situated at the west end of Lake Ontario, on Burlington Bay, 68 km southwest of Toronto, and 66 km west of Niagara Falls and the American border. Hamilton has seen consistent business growth in the total number of businesses over the past few years. Most of the businesses based out of Hamilton have broadened their marketing budget to get best out of their investments. This has emerged as growing needs for printing services.  

We are able to supply your company with every possible printing and promotional products. You will pay the low price for the fast turnaround. We offer one hour service for many of our print products. 


Our mission is to help your brand reach your customers with high quality marketing materials. Feel free to give us a call and one of our customer support staff will be happy to assist you.


  1.Competitive Pricing

As we all know, price is one of the most important factors one should consider while choosing a printing company to get the work done. Every business, regardless of size, wants to choose a printing company with competitive prices. Printfast does not compromise on both - Price as well as Quality.  It is one of the most appreciated printing house Hamilton based businesses. You will be satisfied on both the ends - Price as well as Quality.  


  1. High Resolution Printing

Definitely printed materials are an effective way to capture your customer’s attention but quality does matter. Printfast, one of the finest printing houses Hamilton provides clear, concise and eye-catching print materials. We believe in providing high resolution printing that gives an extraordinary edge to your marketing products.


  1. Professionalism

The reality is customers notice printed materials and they expect a professional product. 85% of customers are more likely to shop at a business with professionally printed materials like business cards, flyers, and brochures. 9 out of 10 people say printed materials are a direct reflection of the business and brand itself. We never sacrifice quality for a nominal savings on price, which is why we are considered as one of the premier printing house Hamilton based businesses.



  1. Top-Notch Fast Service

We know today’s fast paced business always works on deadlines.  When you choose us as a printing house Hamilton, we deliver all your work with turnaround time, while offering expertise and friendliness. We know speed is important, but so is service. Our printing company is an extension of your marketing team. We care about your project and win your confidence. Our main motto is to complete your project on-time. We stand behind our work. We are one stop printing house Hamilton based businesses.


  1. Variety of Print Capabilities

Your business has a wide-variety of needs. You may require flyers, marketing brochures, postcards, catalogs and many more things. While you could shop each project out to the lowest bidder, you may find yourself disappointed with the result. We are a well known printing house Hamilton based businesses. We help you craft awesome print marketing materials consistently and across the board.


Printfast helps you capitalize on the advantages afforded by the digital age. We assure  profitability like no other online print shop. Through our extensive research and experience, we have learned the most powerful, most efficient and most cost effective ways to fulfill the needs of our clients. We believe in quality. We strive to give quality work which would bring utmost satisfaction to you all. If you won’t feel satisfied, we'll do everything in our power to make things right.

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