Top 5 Fan Manufacturers In India

Top 5 Fan Manufacturers In India

In every house and commercial space, a ceiling fan is a household device adding value to the living interiors in terms of looks and air comfort. India is one of the largest fan manufacturing countries in the world. The growth of ceiling fan brands in India is prominent because of the increasing demand as India is a tropical country with harsh and dry summers. This industry has come up with various decorative fans, energy-efficient fans, tower fan, and high-speed fan. A ceiling fan can be considered as the best option for interior design. The idea of decorating with ceiling fans is relatively recent - but you absolutely should keep it in mind when planning your interior design components. Many Fan Manufacturer specializes in supplying beautiful designer ceiling fans that will make a big impact on your room in terms of looks and performance.

Top 5 fan manufacturers in India

1) The Fan Studio

The fan studio is one of the top fan manufacturing companies in India. It was founded by Shri Vijay Kumar Sah in the year 1958. They offer you fans with unique designs flaunting brilliant craftwork with a focus on minute details. The Classic series standing for its name has fans with such mesmerizing styles, handwork, and polish that one is bound to transport back into the time of luxury, grandeur or appealing rustic aura. Similarly, the Contemporary range of designer fans with their clear designs, urban making, and futuristic look are made to enhance all kinds of urban setups from simple apartments to huge modern bungalows with the versatility of polish extending from chrome brushed aluminum to the use stainless steel. The Fan Studio, producers of HVLS Fans India where HVLS stands for high-volume and low-speed. So, HVLS fans happen to run at lesser speeds than the usual fans, with the output being a non-disruptive and excess airflow.

2) Orbit
Orbit is top ceiling fan brand in India with a broad range of power-saving ceiling fans in their line of products. It was established in 1989. Their head office is located in Ambala, Haryana. Orbit manufactures one of the best roof fans in India with the help of its extensive R&D unit and a hi-tech manufacturing facility. This leading roof fan brands in India focuses on producing the best ceiling fans for bedrooms that help to conserve energy with specialized BLDC motors at the most economical price in India.

3) Havells
It is one of well-recognized ceiling fan companies in India which has lots of varieties on offer at an affordable price.  It was launched in the year 1983 by Qilat Rai Gupta and is situated out of Noida, India. There are more than 20 branches all over the world with 5000 employees spread across 45 nations. It has 11 branches all over the country with an annual income of about 1 billion dollars.

4) Usha 
A global wide network of production and distribution of top roof fan brand in India, Usha was launched in the year 1934 by the Siddharth Shriram group. This company is located in Gurgaon, Haryana. They are recognized as the best ceiling fan brands in India. Many customers consider this as their household brand.

5) Bajaj
Bajaj is ranked the 5th among the top 5 fan manufacturers in India. This brand was founded in 1938 by Kamal Nayan Bajaj and is headquartered at Mumbai, India. This best roof fans company in India is a part of the $5 billion Bajaj Group and has a strong established network of more 5000 distributors and dealers. Addition, they sell one of the best roof fans in India with over 400,00 retail outlets all over the country and more than 250 customer services centers across the country.

Hope this article will help you to select the best designer fans in India.

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