Things to Consider When Booking a Weekend Holiday Resort in Kolkata

Things to Consider When Booking a Weekend Holiday Resort in Kolkata

After a tiresome week sitting in the cubicle, everyone looks forward to the weekend for adding some values to life. You are looking for rejuvenation and some quality time with your near and dear ones.

However, the popular pubs, malls, and restaurants are often jam-packed with the weekend crowd. It is very difficult to find a place where you can simply relax and enjoy with family and friends.

Located far from the claustrophobic city rush, the modern-day resorts offer the perfect respite and a peaceful holiday. As a result, the popularity of these resorts has soared sky-high.

Here are some of the things which you need to consider when choosing a weekend holiday resort in Kolkata:

a)     Location – You indeed want a tranquil setting far away from the maddening rush but still you will never fancy investing a vast majority of the weekend on travelling. This is why you should stick with locations which have incredible connectivity. The resorts which are well-connected and located in close proximity to bridges, flyovers, railway stations, and airports have immense popularity.

b)     Setting – When you are chasing rejuvenation, one of the most important determinants is the setting. You want a calm and beautiful place far from the chaos. This is why the modern-day resorts are located amidst serene natural settings. Most of these places are encircled by abundant greenery, open spaces, and natural water bodies. Often at these places, your dream will be cut-short by the soulful twitters of birds; the fresh breeze will start your day in the most perfect way.

c)      Adventure Sports – These resorts have ample amount of open spaces where you can engage in different adventure activities such as Kayaking, Trampoline, Rifle Shooting, Zorbing, Zorbing, Zoomering, Archery, Zipline, and more. Furthermore, there are plenty of open spaces where you can play outdoor games like Cricket, Football, and more. So, when looking for a resort for spending a weekend, one thing you need to consider is the availability of open space.

d)     Special Amenities – Apart from spacious rooms with comfy furniture and enchanting views, you need some fun to square off your weekend. This is why you should look for resorts which have lots of amenities. Talking of which, the first thing that comes to mind is a swimming pool. A vast majority of the modern-day resorts have a large swimming pool. The swimming pool area is full of fun. You can enjoy a leisurely swim, or chit-chat with your buddies with legs dipped into the water. Apart from the swimming pool, some of the resorts have an in-house pub, where you can enjoy premium alcoholic drinks with live music.

e)     Food, food, and food – Any holiday is incomplete without good food. This is why a number of modern-day resorts comprise of an in-house restaurant which serves different delicacies. The multi-cuisine in-house restaurants specialize in Indian, Thai, Continental, and Chinese dishes.

f)      Pricing – Most part of the pricing comes in the form of packages. The packages are differentiated in the form of room availability, breakfast, lunch, and adventure activities. You can visit popular booking sites to compare the prices.

A Few Words to End With 

It is advised to conduct a bit of research before choosing the resort. The above points are certain factors based on which you can conduct the research. For that matter, you can also visit the respective websites to gather more information.

However, that’s not all. You really would like to hear from people who have visited those resorts. You can check reviews on social media and other review sites for reviews of that particular weekend holiday resort near Kolkata.  

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