5 Smart Tips to Prepare and Crack IIT JEE 2021


5 Smart Tips to Prepare and Crack IIT JEE 2021

IIT JEE is one of the toughest national-level entrance examinations in the country. Though it’s a hard nut to crack, nothing is unachievable. So, in order to accomplish this hard target, IIT JEE aspirants need to work hard and plan a smart strategy. Given below are 5 smart IIT JEE tips for IIT JEE preparation:

  • Set the goal first: Before starting preparation for IIT JEE it is quite important to set a strong determination and focus on it to concentrate more and be able to give more effort in times of need. One should be ready with the questions that can arise in their time during preparation as to whether they will be able to sustain their goal to prepare for IIT JEE, adapt to the increasing pressure of preparation, not be demotivated halfway through the preparation. So, it is quite necessary to have a positive strong determination in mind to prepare for IIT JEE.
  • Choose wisely: In order to prepare for IIT JEE, one has to choose everything wisely i.e. from books to teachers or coaching institutes. For books, NCERT must be prepared first, the other reference books. Since, its not possible to just prepare for such a tough by themselves, hence, right teacher or studying guide is very important. In order to excel in preparation, a good coaching institute is also important for ready-made availability of study materials though not necessary. Again, since it’s a crucial time, one must choose their quality time schedule for study wisely. So, the most important thing required for JEE preparation is the right mentorship.
  • Revision and mock tests: At the end of the chapter, revision is very important. Approximately can spend 2-3 hours for revision and solve problems related to that topic from reference books that will in return help in understanding the topics immediately. Along with revision, one should make short notes on a diary or separate copy about the short facts, formulae, or short cut methods in solving a definite problem. Now, after completing the topics for the exam, one should prepare themselves by solving different mock test papers or take part in an online series as it will help in doing practice, know their weaklings and strong areas. Aspirants must not dwell much in solving questions of difficulty, hence avoid the question.
  • Consistency: It’s really important to stay focused on the goal. Many times, students cannot stay committed to their goal after a time from starting preparation. Prepare according to the study schedule. Since IIT JEE is a tough exam, it's important to work smartly to crack IIT JEE. One can only accomplish this goal by going beyond their comfort level, preparing constantly, remaining consistent with JEE exam training.
  • Healthy Lifestyle: To maintain a healthy lifestyle is crucial during this phase. As we all know, “Health is Wealth”, maintaining a good state of health is not only crucial to study but also keeps the track of mind clear in staying focused to the target. One can indulge oneself in outdoor as well as indoor activities. In the case of outdoor activities, playing games like cricket or soccer keeps one fit but not for a long time as it will drain out the energy and affect study time. Again, indoor activities include yoga, reading story books, listening to music, painting or anything that can be included as a hobby. Eating junk food, street foods should be avoided as much as possible or digestive ailments as a consequence may hamper study.

These aforementioned IIT JEE tips will help in cracking IIT JEE and ace it accordingly.

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