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Why is pillow packaging being hyped up so much

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Pillow packaging is one of the most unique types of packaging. These are shaped like a pillow and like pillow protects our head, these boxes protect our products. They have been in the market for a long time and have now started taking a hype.


If what you are looking for is a cute packaging for all of your products along with good quality, then this packaging is what you should be looking for. These boxes have different uses and they can be ordered differently depending upon the uses of them.


Pillow Packaging can be used in many different products. There are so many companies that use the custom pillow packaging boxes for their small merchandise in an attempt to secure them.

These boxes are gaining a lot of popularity amongst the products which are very small and very fragile. From the name of the boxes, you can guess that they provide protection to everything that has been saved in them. They don’t only take care of your products but they make them look good as well.

Some of the boxes do open from a side while others are slide out easily with a tray inside containing the product.


Printing these boxes is quite easy as well. All you have to do is take care of the theme and the design and you will be good to go. You have to take care about where you are printing and you are printing as it will be very visible on these boxes. There is absolutely no hiding on them.

You can print the logo on the front and on the flaps, your ingredients and other information can go easily. If you want to stand out a lot, colour the flaps differently or you can give them the look of wings to make it al look like a butterfly. This technique can be used on absolutely anything.

Special Occasions

There are many special occasions where these boxes can be used. Such as wedding or birthday parties or any other such occasions. People often add candies or stuff as such in them in order to give it to the guests.

Some of these small boxes can be packed on Halloween with candies to give to the kids instead of the whole pack offering. This will help you be more organized and the kids love it too. You can always make more of these boxes since they are that easy to assemble and unpack as well.


These boxes are being made eco-friendly as well these days to cure the problems going on in our environment. The eco-friendly techniques are not only used for the making of the custom product boxes.  But, it is used for their printing as well. It is not quite easy to make everything eco-friendly but for the sake of our environment and save all of our trees, the professionals have produced new techniques.

You can now paint your boxes as much as you want with as many colours as you want without having to worry about the environment.


These boxes are available in the transparent form as well. Since they are so special and so small, they have some important significance in the market as well. The transparent boxes can be used easily to pack up your jewellery piece or other head or handpieces.

You can box is all up without any worries and make it look good. Pillow Packaging Boxes are even reportedly used these days for bearing the rings in weddings as well.

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