Recipe of Double Cooked Pork

Double Cooked Pork

Recipe of Double Cooked Pork

Ingredients & Recipe of Double Cooked Pork


  1. Pork (As per the need)
  2. Sesame oil
  3. Garlic
  4. Ginger
  5. White Onion
  6. Sichuan Peppercorn
  7. Long red chilies
  8. Green Onion
  9. Soy Sauce

Recipe Process:

Place pork pieces into the large boiler with Sichuan peppercorn and white onion pieces and add some cold water to dip the pork properly then boil it for 30 minutes. Then keep it a side and cut out the garlic pieces and red chilies without seeds. Then heat up a pan and pour some oil in it and fry pork for 1-2 minutes only till the pork leaves it’s oil and looks reddish. Don’t fry it more than that otherwise it will increase the release of grease. Now, drag out the pork and leave it’s oil in the pan. Now add ginger, garlic and green onion pieces and mix it well now add the pork and other ingredients together and let it stir on the high flame. Now, serve it well with the plain rice.      

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