How to Keep Your Marriage Alive After 10 Years

Marriage Alive

How to Keep Your Marriage Alive After 10 Years

Whether you’re married or just in a long-term relationship, there will be times where you start to take your partner for granted, or perhaps you feel like they are doing that to you. It’s very easy to get comfortable with somebody, and you should always feel safe and comfortable with your life partner. However, sometimes when this happens, you can forget that they aren’t there just for you and that relationships take work if they are going to survive. If you and your partner are reaching the 10-year mark, and it feels like things have been coasting along like perhaps you aren’t paying attention to each other anymore, here are some tips to help you recapture that spark.

Go on Regular Date Nights

Hunkering down on the sofa after dinner to binge-watch your favorite TV show or movie can be the ideal night in, but if you and your partner seem to be doing this all of the time, it gets old very quickly. By getting out of the house and going to a restaurant, out for cocktails, or something else you both enjoy allows you to make conversation with each other and have some fun. Try to go on dates as regularly as possible, but at least once or twice a month. It’s also a good opportunity to have some grown-up time if you have kids together.

Go on a Romantic Getaway

Another great way to spend some quality time with your partner is by going on a romantic trip for a long weekend or even a couple of weeks. Having a change of scene can be very refreshing, but it’s also an opportunity for you both to explore your surroundings together and have a fun adventure you’ll remember fondly. There are plenty of romantic destinations around the world, so finding something that suits you both as a couple shouldn’t be too difficult. Enjoy watching the world go by as you sip on some fine wine or a cocktail, then retreat to your villa or hotel room to spend some time alone.

Don’t Ignore Your Sex Life

When you first start seeing someone, it can feel like a whirlwind of passion that will never end. It’s exhilarating, and as you fall deeper in love, these moments become even more intense and special. However, over time, most couples will see their sex life slowing down, and while this is perfectly normal, it is still important to make sure you’re being intimate with each other in this way. If you’re worried about a decline in sex with your partner, discuss this with them to see if there is anything they need but aren’t asking for, and vice versa. You could also look into experimenting with sex accessories such as a strapless strap on, handcuffs, or a vibrator to spice things up a bit.

Do Things for Yourself

Finally, although making time for each other is essential to keeping a relationship strong, doing things for yourself is equally important. You are an individual, so having hobbies and interests that differ from your partner that perhaps you can enjoy with your friends is also healthy. As long as you’re a team when it comes to the big decisions, taking some time for yourself and still enjoying your individuality will help you stay happier.

If you want to make sure your marriage or long-term relationship goes the distance, remember to communicate with your partner and consider these other suggestions to give your relationship a boost.

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