what is Domain Rating ? | Why Domain Rating is So Important ?

What is Domain Rating

what is Domain Rating ? | Why Domain Rating is So Important ?

What is the Importance of Domain Rating ?

In every website’s performance report just like other measuring tools Domain Rating (DR) is also very important and in Ahref’s metrics it is measured by giving scores between 0 – 100. If the score is higher and near to 100 then there would be large difference between the rating of two websites. And if the rating is low then marginal difference between two websites would be low.

                        In this article we will answer the question, what is the importance of domain rating?And how it is calculated in Ahref’s metrics. It is a logarithmic standard which is applied to cross check the overall performance of websites. Now a days, companies are more concern about the domain rating scores. If they find decline in their DR, they get concerned about their website’s performance and it’s reach to the target audience. And moreover, about the Google ranking performance of the domain.

In the coming days, there will be a big change in the mechanism of domain rating criteria and companies which will have their website’s DR between 30-50 will be marked as ZERO as even at that place they do not stand at a very good performance. But it doesn’t mean that they can’t improve their ratings. Regular dedicated management and application of adding tools can change the scenario.

Calculative Method for DR

First of all, find out how many domains with uniqueness are there with at least 1 follow link for the targeted website.

Consider the DR of linking websites with the target domain.

Calculate the DR of websites by applying logarithmic method. And find out the domain rating between 0 – 100.

Keep observing variation of these ratings as it is variable in nature and always change with time.

Though, the above-mentioned information   is appropriate but there is more to understand about the concept to calculate the domain rating.

You will not see any help in DR from the links more than one from the same website.

The links with unique website result in less DR juice sharing with each of those links.

Domain Rating is not increased with links which are not following your website. So, following ones will do.

More backlinks to the linking website work positively for the targeted website as these backlinks share DR increased behaviour with one and all.

Are Spammy or Bad Links Negative for DR of Your Website ?

There are different notions about this question, bad links added on the website can be a reason for low domain rating of your website. But as per some professionals if you have any bad links on your website then now on Penguin tool will not interrupt your website rather it will bypass all the spammy links.

On the other-hand some practitioners say that bad links are not good for your website’s image and for the DR. And you should always avoid the alien links to be added on your website. However, Ahrefs doesn’t give any opinion on this issue as it is not an SEO tool.

Website Quality is not Measured on the Bases of Domain Rating 

You should keep this in your mind that domain rating doesn’t declare about the quality of your website. But as we have already discussed that DR takes time to improve and increase. So, you need to have patients while expecting high rating.

If you have a new website and you get very low DR in Ahrefs then it doesn’t mean that your website is having more bad links because as a new website it takes time to reach the level of satisfactory performance to have high domain rating. With time more backlinks are added to the main website and that way rating is increased. But if your website is old and you have numbers of backlinks and still your website is not having high domain ratings then there must be some concern with the added bad links and to resolve this issue you must cross check all the backlinks and remove them once and for all. In order to have DR near 100 you need to add more “DoLinks”. You can analyse your website on the basis of these self-assessment questions:

  • If the quality of linking page is as per the standard or not?
  • If the link seems need of place or in appropriate?
  • If the positioning of the link click button on the right place or not?
  • If there are many links for external sharing?
  • If the anchor text used in the content is appropriate or not?

Is Domain Rating Transferable to Sub-domains?

Yes, it is possible to share the DR of parent website to the sub-websites and it also affects the rating of sub-domains. But it is important that all the factors which are required to increase the domain rating are available. But it is not the case with every head domain. There are variations in the DR of parent website and sub-domain.

There are Service Root Domains which don’t share domain rating with sub-domains. The logic behind this is that anyone can share random content on these sub-websites and they are from the different sources which can not attract the good hike of DR. There are some Services Root Domains:

  • Webs.com
  • Wordpress.com
  • rb_blogpot.com
  • Hubpages.com
  • Tumblr.com

Is Crawling the Web Possible by Using Ahrefs Domain Rating?

Technically, it is correct that every host of the website feeds domain rating for crawling the pages on the website. There are several resources from where numbers of pages are uploaded on the domain. Out of all some pages and links and be purposeful, productive and beneficial for the website and there are numbers of pages which are unwanted on the website and just to cut short those unwanted pages crawling is important.

For example, for website with DR20 you would crawl 2000 URLs and for DR80 you will crawl Millions of URLs.

So, now as we all know that what is the importance of domain rating and how it is calculated, then keep checking for the betterment of the website and also apply all the needed tools to increase the Ahrefs domain rating (DR) of the website. As it is based on the logarithmic technique so you need to calculate it accurately.


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