3 Elements To Consider While Getting a Custom Fleet Wrap

While driving through the roads of New York City or if you are driving through a highway, you might have seen a lot of commercial fleets Truck Wraps Designs passing by you or standing by you. And let’s be honest, we all notice the graphics on them even when we don’t want to somehow we end up looking at them.

That’s the power of eye-catching wraps graphics that even when your customer doesn’t want to, they end up noticing your advertisement, and some of them get interested in your company. Isn’t it a win situation for everyone? They got a company that they can work with, and you’ve got a new potential customer. 

Commercial wraps work that way. There are loads of reasons that you should consider your commercial fleet to get wrapped. After all, if you have to get your commercial vehicle on the road every day, why not make good use of it and showcase your company’s advertisement and get exposure.

Choosing The Right Style And Size Of Your Commercial Fleet Wrap:

While choosing the right design for your fleet wrap, you must keep in mind the size of your commercial fleet and where it is going to travel. If you have a truck, a bus, a trailer, or any other type of commercial fleet, it is advised that you get it styled in such a way that they are easily visible from afar and it catches the attention of your potential customer too.  

Keeping in mind that choosing complex graphics will not do you any good. Keep it simple but informative and eye-catching that it doesn’t blind the eyes of the viewers and they appreciate your company.

Font Size, Spacing & Readability:

The absolute important thing while choosing a commercial wrap is the font. As your truck is a huge fleet, getting the right font on it is the most important step. 

  • Let’s talk about the font size first. Let’s suppose you are getting a bus wrap and you get a font printed on it that is only readable when a person stands close to your bus. Does that sound right? No, because if it is so small that it is not readable from afar then what is the point of getting your vehicle wrap. So choose the size of your font wisely which is easily readable from afar. 
  • Now let’s move the spacing of your font. It may feel like a small thing but it sure does have a huge impact on your advertisement. If your letters are not spaced correctly that means they are not readable which means a negative impression of your company, and we can’t afford that. So keep this step in mind while getting your font printed. 
  • Last comes the readability of your font- the most important thing! As with readability comes the impression that you make on your customer. Let’s suppose if you are walking on a road and you see a fleet with some interesting graphics that you might be interested in, but when you search for the font and you find it unreadable, what will be the impression of the company on you? Not good? Exactly! So choosing the readable font is as important as choosing good wrap graphics, fonts, and other important things.

So next time you are ordering a commercial wrap for your fleet, keep these important notes in mind and then get your wraps printed. And one more thing, choose a vehicle wrap company that is experts in commercial wraps with professional graphic designers who can guide you with your wrap design. Hope this blog helps you out!