3 gadgets a real estate agent should carry

3 Gadgets a real estate agent should carry

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The real estate agents in Pakistan are quickly picking up pace in the transforming real estate industry of Pakistan. The real estate scenario of Pakistan is consistently changing and that requires the real estate agents to upgrade as well. Conventionally, the image of real estate agent is that of an office clerk in Pakistan’s society. It was once said that anyone who is not able to do anything with their lives becomes a real estate agent or property dealer. However, with the changing time, the real estate sector of Pakistan has grown to be modern and state of the art. The real estate agents of Pakistan have also transformed and now you will see highly educated workforce in the real estate industry that assists people in buying, selling and leasing property.

Today the world has transformed into a global village due to induction of digitization. Real Estate sector is not an alien to this concept and digitization of the sector has been brought about as well. The digital age has its own pros and cons. However, for the real estate agent, working with any real estate company in Islamabad or Pakistan, it is mainly comprised of positives because technology and digitization has made it easier for real estate agents to prospect and engage new clients. The new age and technology has its own advantages. However, in order to reap the full benefit of these advantages, presented by the technology and digitization, a real estate agent must be equipped with the right tools to get maximum leverage.

Here is a list of three gadgets that a real estate agent must have to keep up with the ever changing business scenario:

Laptop – Every real estate agent must have a laptop. The laptop doesn’t need to be flashy and a simple machine that gets the tasks done is all it takes. However, since you will be taking this laptop along all the day and even use it for presentations sometimes, it is best to go for a slim machine with a good outlook. You will need a laptop to prep all sorts of real estate related documentation etc.

Mobile Phone – a good mobile phone with an ample backup is necessary for a real estate agent. Your mobile phone is the most crucial gadget that you must have. On this cell phone, you will be receiving and making calls to talk to clients, other agents and land departments. It is a simply no brainer to have a cell phone in working state all the time. It is recommended to go with a smart phone because you will need to have access to your email, Whatsapp and text messages on the go.

Power Bank – The cellphone usage for a real estate agent is extensive in Pakistan. You will need a good power back up solutions such as a mobile power bank in order to charge your phone whenever the charge falls under the threshold. A good power bank will cost you only a couple of thousand rupees but will keep you online and on-call all the time. For instance, if you are a real estate agent in Islamabad and selling Whispering Pines Resorts, Park view city, capital smart city islamabad or islamabad blue world city, then a power bank will come in handy because you won’t be able to find any charging sockets in that remote area.


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