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3 Things Everyone Looks for in an Ideal Apartment

Whether you’re looking to invest or buy an apartment for yourself, the criteria for judging and assessing the property remains the same. Everyone looks for the following characteristics to cross off from their checklist:


The first and most obvious question anyone gets in their mind about a property is about where it’s located. Whether it’s you or your tenants, everyone wants their home to be accessible and appealing.

There are a few factors that make a location considerably better than others. While there are individual preferences and circumstances such as proximity to the workplace, most people look for flats for sale in Mulund, BKC, Thane, Juhu, etc. That’s because all these locations offer great connectivity and nestle a number of attractions.

The ideal apartment should, therefore, be easy to commute to and from as the goal is to reduce transportation costs as much as possible. Moreover, it should also be in a place you consider comfortable and peaceful. Again, individual preferences such as youngsters preferring central city commercial hubs and adults leaning towards suburban neighbourhoods can come into play.

Amenities and Facilities

Amenities can range from in-house to community or building centric. Facilities can be classified in the same way. Both these terms are together used to describe the features of a property excluding its physical structure and design.

Some of the well-known and in-demand amenities include swimming pools, gyms and fitness centres, etc. Although standalone properties mostly allow it, high-rise apartments might have different standings on whether they allow pets. Similarly, having restaurants and cafes nearby can be considered area amenities as well. It’s easy to understand the appeal of being close to eateries, shopping districts, malls and attractions such as parks, theatres, sports centres, etc.

Everyone wants to be able to order food or go for a walk every now and then. Being near educational institutes is also very appealing for families as is clear by the demand of 2 & 3 bhk flat for sale in Mulund West. Similarly, having hospitals and government services such as police stations and banks can also be categorised as desirable facilities. 


Property Features

Once the prior checkboxes are ticked, the final chapter of the apartment hunting saga comes down to the property structure and design. People are concerned with the way a property’s constructed, the materials used, how durable and comfortable the place is, etc. 

Nobody wants to spend a dime on maintenance and repairs and neither should you. Experts recommend checking the property inside out and making sure that there are no problems pertaining to sanitation, sewage, electricity, etc. Furthermore, there shouldn’t be cracks or seam in the walls as it can destroy the paint, which is another added expenditure.

A property needs to be more than just clean and new. Regardless of whether you’re working with an agent or not, a property should be officially in the clear. This means that there should be no issues with the property registration and its taxation history. Background research of a property is of paramount importance. So, make sure you do your homework before buying an apartment either for yourself or to rent out.


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