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3 Tips Matching Wholesale kids Boutique Clothing 

They ignored the matching degree of the child's clothes. But in fact, children's clothing also shows the taste of parents. Next, let me share the matching experience for you in the wholesale kids boutique clothing!

As a parent, you should match your child's clothes correctly. Children's aesthetic concepts gradually form from the age of 2-3. This time period is also the best time to cultivate children's aesthetics. The clothes parents give to their children will gradually affect the children's aesthetic level. Many parents think that as long as the child is comfortable, quality is good. They ignored the matching degree of the child's clothes. But in fact, children's clothing also shows the taste of parents. Next, let me share the matching experience for you in the wholesale kids boutique clothing!


  1. Choose According to Skin Tone



    • For children with darker skin, choose bright colors as much as possible to highlight the child's vitality, and avoid matching gray and dark colors, which will make the child look dull and dull.



    • This is an example of matching given by us, a spliced long-sleeved top + blue overalls. This suit is mainly based on the bright color of the top, so there is no need to worry about the problem of matching the baby's skin tone.
    • Children with fair skin tones have a wider choice of clothing colors. They can wear warm-colored clothes such as pink, white, and yellow, or they can wear cool-colored clothes, such as black and gray.


      For children with fairer skin, there will be more choices of clothes. As shown in the picture below, we will match a pink dress and a pair of solid sandals. At this time, please match some accessories appropriately to make the overall match look more individual. Now, it will look very fashionable.

      The color matching of children's clothing should not be too messy. You can refer to the three-color principle of clothing collocation-that is, there should be no more than three main colors of clothing on the whole body. Note that the three colors in the"three-color principle"refer to the main colors, and the colors of the clothes on the whole body should be kept within the three main colors. But these three colors do not include black, white, gold, and silver. Strictly speaking, the same color system is not included in it, but it should not be too much.


  2. Choose According to Personality

    For children who look quiet, you can try clothes made of silk fabrics soft and elastic, such as clothes made of cotton, silk, wool and other materials. Such clothes are not only comfortable and natural to wear on the body, but also can greatly show the purity and spirituality of the child, and can give people an elegant and intelligent feeling.

    As shown in the above collocation, with a striped polo collar top + a pair of jeans. For naughty children, we recommend that they wear denim children's clothes. This kind of clothes has a strong texture and is very durable. Naughty children are not easy to get dirty and damaged when dressed, and children who are good at sports should also wear them. This kind of clothes is very fashionable, looks sturdy, cute and full of energy.

  3. Choice of Style

    Taking into account the child's nature and development, the style should still be chosen loosely, not just for a good-looking match. Loose clothes can make children move more comfortably, are also good for promoting children's development, and look more natural, but also give people a warm and gentle feeling.

    As shown in the picture above, a colorful striped dress + a pair of white sneakers. The matching of this kind of clothes is also a more casual style, it will not make children feel uncomfortable and limited. The correct collocation of jewelry will make the whole collocation look more personalized.


It is very important to match the clothes well for the children. When you choose children's clothing, you must also choose the principle of durability. After all, children's nature is to be playful, and durable clothes can make children more unrestrained. Then, matching decorations is also indispensable. Sometimes a hat can play a finishing touch on the clothes of the whole body. Prepare sunglasses, hats, small bags, headbands or jewelry for children when they go out to play. They can match well with clothing.

In our wholesale kids boutique clothing, many styles are designed for different children. Our products are all high-quality products. If you are interested, you can quickly browse our product selection and choose the appropriate clothing style! Hope the matching skills shared above are helpful to you~ Thanks for your reading!

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