Who is the most popular celebrity on YouTube?

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The Internet has proved to be a blessing for a person with big dreams and talent and youtube provides a platform to every such person to showcase such talent with the primary principle of freedom of speech with at times is barred on TV channels due to geopolitical situation. With the growth of network service providers and internet speed, a common person is able to access their favorite content through their smartphone devices.

The primary step to get started in youtube is by creating a channel first and the number of subscribers who joins defines the popularity of the channel.  From the last few years, Felix Arnie Ulf Kjellberg with screen name as Pewdipie has been reigning youtube in terms of the number of viewership and subscribers.
Five channels with most numbers of subscribers are as follows-
1)    T Series                                                                        116 million
2)    Pewdipie                                                                     102 million
3)    Cocomelon nursery rhymes                                      63 million
4)    5 min craft                                                                    61 million
5)    Set India                                                                        58 million

Though Pewdipie’s channel is lagging behind with 14 million subscribers behind T Series however he is still considered to be the greatest YouTuber of all times and the solitary reason behind this is all the other channels in the list are company-sponsored and doesn’t host an individual face as we all know T series and Set India are the two major multinational companies based in India.
Pewdipie won the subscription race in 2013 with 5 million subscribers and stayed at the top till early 2019 then after loosing to T Series for the second spot. For several years Kjellberg stayed at top of the game because of the versatility of the content to the viewers and changing the content from time to time.

Kjellberg has also been named among 100 most influential people of all time and speaking about his competitors T Series, Cocomelon and 5 min craft, they all host small videos however the length of videos of Pewdipie’s channel have changed from time to time according to the demand.

Being an amazing editor and content creator Kjellberg understood the algorithm of youtube to keep his videos at the top of the reference list and always gained momentum in garnering subscribers in the process. Another main quotient only a Pewdipie subscriber from the early days would understand the quality of content comes from other social networking forums like Reddit. Kjellberg smartly combines the content gathered from these forums and creates a content majorly based on parody. Channels like T Series can put ten different music videos and can garner million combined views on the other hand Kjellberg in general puts one video per day on his channel and the length of the video is generally equivalent to the algorithm asked by Youtube. 
Started the channel with video game commentary, Kjellberg never shied from taking public opinions from his viewers. Depending upon their requests Felix has always made variations on his content and close followers enjoy weekly shows like you laugh you loose on youtube.


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