Interview Questions | 14 Common Interview Questions and Answers

Common Interview Questions and Answers

Interview Questions | 14 Common Interview Questions and Answers

Frequently Asked Job Interview Questions

Nowadays with the increasing no. of competition in every field, the greatest rush is to get a good and well-settled job. The best method to know the potential of the candidate and also whether the candidate will be beneficial for the company is through the interview. The job interviewers search for a full package candidate having all the needed skills and the candidates leave no stone unturned in impressing the interviewers. While the job interviewers have their own technical or non-technical aspects of judging(depending on the needs) but they all follow some common job interview questions and answers to know about the candidate.

They ask these questions in general to know the capability and also get a rough idea on the behavior of the candidate. The candidate prepares himself accordingly so that he is at least ready to answer all these common questions to get a bit of confidence and create a good impression and leave an impact on the interviewer. The most common job interview questions and answers are described further.

1. “Introduce yourself in two minutes.”

In spite of having the resume in hand, the interviewer asks this question just to check your confidence and see whether you are bold enough to give a proper introduction. Also, the interviewer wants to see your time management skills, seeing that whether you can wind up your introduction in two minutes covering all the important points required to be given in an introduction.

2. “Tell me about your strengths and weaknesses?”

This question is generally asked in the interviews related to all the fields.  By this question, the interviewer gets a correct idea of how the candidate could overcome their weakness. Telling yourself perfect proves you overconfident in front of the interviewer.  Therefore telling about your weakness is a better way of answering it.  One should tell of how they can overcome their weakness. 

3. " In next five years where do you see yourself?"

Well,  firstly I would love to get this job and see where my talent takes me in the field. So,  to be honest I don't really see myself anywhere now in 5 five years but definitely would love to see myself doing great and be successful in life and have all the comforts of life. Moreover, I would like to do my best to get your company to soar high in the world.

4. "There are so many candidates, what's special talent  you have  that you should be hired? "

Well,  I don't know what talent others have and what they don't.  It's just that I know myself and can explain it.  I've excelled in the required field and moreover, I have a bad habit of working way too hard to complete my job with a blend of smart work.  I am on time mostly and this makes me an efficient worker and rest my dedication makes me fit for this job.

5. “ why do you want this particular  job?”

I want the job because I’m the best fit for the desired position and I can do justice to it. Not even in short-term but also in long-term, I’m the best fit for the job.

6. “ What’s your dream job?”

Firstly, I’ve learned something from every job of mine, and I expect to learn even from this job. So, a dream job for me would be that which keeps giving me knowledge, where I get to learn new things daily. Also, I should be successful enough by doing the job. A dream job for me would be that which gives me success, enough money, and the knowledge.

7. “ Why do you want to leave your current job?”

To be honest I’m unable to learn any more new thing in my current job. The work has become monotonous and I’m not liking it anymore. Moreover, there is no raise in the last 2 years which I guess should be.

8. “Do you have any question for me?”

Nothing in specific but just that I hope it will be a great experience to work with you and will be a happy stay here.

9. “What is your management style?”

 I like to work as more a friend and less a leader to my team members as this build a friendly environment and will develop an open relationship between me and my team.

10. “ What are your salary requirements?”

To be honest I at least hope 20% raise from my previous salary as I’ve more experience now.

11. “ What are you passionate about?”

I’m passionate about the job I do because I love it. Moreover, my passion to become successful pushes me every time.

12. “What are your hobbies outside the work?”

 I have some hobbies, say sports and dancing. So, in my spare time, I do all of them.

13. “Do you have any other job opportunity in your hand ?”

Well, I’ve applied for a similar position in a couple of companies.

14. “ What do you think we do better or differently? ”

Well, your approach to work is what attracted me. Your connection with employees are great and that is a prime factor.

So, to crack an interview you should be well prepared to answer such questions and not only these, there is a long list of more questions being asked. To be confident and answer them is the key to get the job. Moreover, your appearance and personality values equally. Rest your academic excellence and aptitude will help you get the job. Hope these common job interview questions and answers will help you to get your dream job.


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