Best Ways to Conserve Water

Water Conservation

Best Ways to Conserve Water

Water crisis impact on human life and measures of Water Conservation

Water Conservation:

Using water properly, recycling of water and saving water by various means is called “Water Conservation”. The goal of water conservation can be achieved only when every citizen of the world understands his responsibility to save water, but many of us are like those who do not regard their responsibility towards water.

We are well aware that due to population growth, industrialization and human development, human needs have also increased regularly. One of the important requirements for human beings is water.

“By the way, one-third part of the earth is water. If we talk about of clean water, it is only present in the 3% volume on earth.” Water is a priceless gift given to man by the nature. Man can survive for a while without food and home, but he cannot live without water even a moment. Everything on Earth and all living creatures need water.

Earth is the only planet in the whole universe, where water and life are present. Scientists are still searching that water and life may exist on some other planet, but this has not been possible so far.

Earth is surrounded by approximately 71% of the water. 97 percent of the water present in the oceans is salted. Only 3% of the water is worth for use, even less than 1% of it is worth drinking water on earth.

“If you assess the available water resources in India, then it is revealed that in 2001, there were 1800 cubic meter of water per person, which would decrease in 2050 to 1000 cubic meter per person.”

Now you must have understood how much water is necessary for us. If the water used to be misused, then our future generation will be looking for drinking water and it is said that if the third war would have then it will be due to water deficiency.

There are many places in the world, such as India, Africa and people in rural areas of Asia have to spend long distances for clean water and have to make long queues for water.

Thousands of farmers commit suicide each year due to drought in the area of ​​agriculture. Today most of the developing countries suffer due to lack of clean water and dirty water.

Millions of people are dying every year due to many diseases caused by dirty water. According to a survey, due to water born diseases, one child dies every 15 seconds.

“Water was not sold at the shop few years ago, but when it started selling at the shops, everyone was surprised to see it. But now, the sale of water is a common thing. Today, people are ready to give 20 /- for drinking water.

Due to industrialization, waste products coming from factories are flown in canals and rivers and due to which their water becomes polluted. Water is used by humans and there is a bad effect on the health of those people.

Measures for water conservation: -

We have to play our role as a responsible citizen to conserve water. We can conserve water by adopting the following measures:

  1. Due to modernization and urbanization, many people use shower or tub for bathing, which causes too much water to be wasted. People should use buckets for bathing. Apart from this, while making the beard, people leave the tap open and make a shave. Due to the use of the cans, we can avoid excessive water in vain. Similarly, women should use buckets instead of open spots to wash dishes.
  2. A few years ago, there were some small ponds outside the boundaries of villages or cities, where rain water was available for domestic uses throughout the year. But man has finished these ponds for his selfishness and has made a house there, due to which the rain water is not being preserved. There is continuous declining water level in the ground. Therefore small ponds near villages and cities should be made, where water conservation can be done by collecting rain water.
  3. Farmers are also responsible for substantial waste of water. They forget about their running tube well in their fields many times, due to which their fields fill more water than required and the amount of excess water evaporates. Farmers should use water conservation methods for irrigation of agriculture, such as irrigation by fountains and irrigation by drip technique. With drip technique, plants get the same amount of water as they really need. Apart from this, farmers should keep their own farm level so that the water does not get much out of the fields. By adopting these methods farmers can play a significant role in water conservation.
  4. Water pipe leakage or open and broken taps, often in homes, neighborhoods, public parks, schools and hospitals etc. Because of which the water flows in vain. Broken taps and pipe leakages should be repaired as soon as possible. Laws of harsh penalties should be made against those who steal the taps.
  5. By making one or two water tanks on roofs of houses, preserving the rain water, it can be utilized in other use.
  6. Management of waste products coming from factories or industries should be managed. By not getting them into river or canals, water can be saved from dirty. Thus clean water can be preserved.
  7. Humans should not cut trees and forests, because trees are very helpful in rain and where the numbers of plants and trees are more, there is water level is also high. Plantation should be done mostly during rainy days so that the plants can get water naturally. Water should not be given to plants in the afternoon, because the water is more vaporized at that time.
  8. More water should not be wasted in festivals like Holi etc..
  9. People should take vegetarianism apart from meat and eat, because more water is required to get meat.
  10. The government should try to connect rivers with each other so that the water of the rivers cannot go into the sea in vain, because the water of the rivers is clean and after going into the sea, the same water becomes saline. After connecting the rivers, this water can be used as needed.
  11. Rain harvesting technique should be adopted by every house, so that the rain water goes down through the bore, which helps in increasing the level of  ground water.
  12. In schools and colleges, students should also make water conservation subjects mandatory like environmental protection so that children from the beginning can get knowledge about the importance and conservation of water.
  13. With the help of science, the salt water of the sea is being made to be potable today, due to which many sea coastal areas are being used in drinking water and other domestic works. Recycling of waste water of river & drains should be done, making dirty water potable and suitable for the use of domestic works.

By adopting some of the above methods, people can contribute to water conservation to a large extent, but in addition to this, people should also take responsibility for understanding the importance of water. If we are not conscious about water conservation from now on, our tomorrow might be more frightening. Due to the name of the water, riots may increase.

Without water we cannot even imagine life for a moment. We must tell about the importance and conservation of water to the people, friends and relatives around us.

 So that they can also play their role in conserving water and the shortage of water in time can be dealt with because "water is life".

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