satta king satta king in UP

satta king satta king in UP

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NAGPUR: An alleged satta king’s driver was found dead under questionable circumstances in his employer’s abandoned car, near a mosque in Ward Number 4 in Khaparkheda on Thursday. The deceased has been identified as 46-year-old Prem Luthar Masiah. The decomposed body of Masiah was found wrapped in a bedsheet on the back seat of the abandoned car. The vehicle had been left parked on the roadside in the vicinity of the owner’s residence. Alerted by the strong stench, passers-by and local residents had informed the car owner, who alerted the cops. Police said Masiah was addicted to liquor, which had led to a rift with his family. He used to stay away from his family and residence at Chicholi, and was known as a vagabond. He frequented a woman’s residence at Koradi. Apart from working as a driver, Masiah also used to work as a waiter in a hotel. He had been last spotted near the car in an inebriated condition. Police said the locks of the abandoned car had been damaged. Senior PI Ashok Sakharkar of Khaparkheda said there were no injuries on the body of the deceased. “The man is likely to have died out of complications due to liquor addiction. We have sent his viscera and blood for chemical analysis after the post mortem at Mayo Hospital,” said PI Sakharkar. He said police have as of now ruled out any foul play. Police also said Masiah’s family too did not express any doubt regarding foul play. A case of accidental death has been registered at Khaparkheda police station.



The King of Satta King Game is not easier to become everyday.. Not it’s not impossible that no one and never can be come every satta king.

You can and You will, If you follow the instructions of satta king games.

  • You have to follow the rule number 1, first of all check old chart
  • then you have to compare and select the unique number on the old charts
  • choose to rashi of satta king games (Get on the Play Bazaar xyz website) and play for the haruf and you should not play for the single numbers. Single number can win you but the there is 99 percent chances of the failure and 1 percent chance of winning the game.
  • Play crossing of the numbers, there is 60 to 85 % chances of wining the game and this game can win you 5 times a day that mean if you play the crossing fr the amount of 2000 on a single game at a time and you win around the 5000 then you will win 5000x5 =25000 everyday.

I think this knowledge was so helpful for you to winning the game everyday. Let’s the wining the game everyday and every month. Join now Play Bazaar website for watching old charts and rashi of the games Let’s click playbazaar.


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