If You Need Size 16 Steel Toe Boots, XL Feet Has Them

If You Need Size 16 Steel Toe Boots, XL Feet Has Them

The same conditions that make your use of steel toe boots necessary also make it necessary for you to use boots that are not only the right size but fit comfortably. Long, grueling hours in harsh conditions such as extreme heat or cold, high humidity, or just among heavy equipment and materials can make an ill-fitting pair of boots a form of torture. Adding to the difficulty of finding comfortable and protective steel toe boots is the quandary of finding them in larger sizes.

However, the days of long and fruitless searches for Size 16 Steel Toe Boots are at an end. Where before you would spend hours milling through shoe stores or outlets looking for a comfortable and reliable pair of size 16 steel toe boots, today from now on all you need to do is head over to XLFeet.com and be amazed by the selection.

Visit XL Feet and the search for quality size 16 steel toe boots will be a short, though productive one. Regardless of your specifications for size and width, as well as feature of the boots, XL Feet has something for every work environment. Take a look at their Avenger 7300 6” Steel Toe Work Boot. It’s a perfect basic everyman’s work boot, with the middle ground in ankle support, neither too high or too low. Full-grain leather uppers are difficult to find even in quality work boots and there is no comparison whatsoever between full-grain and any other grades of leather - it will handle serious abuse and come out on top. These boots also feature rugged, slip-resistant and heat-resistant outsoles. These are an excellent choice for work environments which offer a little bit of everything in the way of adverse conditions.

Take a look at their Carolina 8” Steel Toe Logger Boots, with high leather uppers for excellent ankle support, one-piece welted soles and a steel shank to increase durability on the job site as well as longevity. If you need boots that are waterproof, look no further than the Avenger 7258 Men’s 6” Waterproof Steel Toe Work Boot. Waterproofing is critical for many at work, as long hours in wet socks can result in chafing, infection, and overall discomfort. And for outdoorsmen, waterproof footwear is an absolute necessity, as cold temperatures and water are a recipe for disaster. At XL Feet, you’ll be able to find size 16 steel toe boots such as these models and more from Wolverine, Dunham, Thorogood and more. Simply take a trip to XLFeet.com today.

But the best part is that XL Feet is more than just work boots. You won’t just find work boots in the name brands you trust at XL Feet, you’ll be able to get your gym shoes, dress shoes, as well as socks, insoles and everything else you need for size 16 feet in names you trust. XL Feet offers shoes from the above-listed brands as well as Florsheim, Dunham, New Balance, and others - visit their website today to find them in your size.




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