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Best Hair Dryer in Bangladesh

Kissliss 2000W is a hairdryer with a professional engine that guarantees a high heating power and a very long service life. Thus, there is no risk that you lose a lot of time to dry your hair even if they are very thick because the drying it guarantees is fast.

Kissliss 2000W

Kissliss 2000W offers 3 levels of temperature. In this way, you can adapt it to the hair of different natures. In any case, he can treat them without difficulty. Also, its speed of operation is adjustable on 2 levels so that its breath allows you to have exactly the type of hairstyle that suits you.

This material is also characterized by the AIR COLD function that accompanies it. It sends a cold airflow to each user to ensure a flawless finish and excellent fixation of the hairstyle after the treatment of his hair. Besides, this product is equipped with 2 ultrafine concentrators to precisely direct the flow of air to the area to be dried. Hence the incomparable and impressive quality of the result that it allows to have whatever type of hair it treats.

Kissliss 2000W brings many benefits even though like any other hair dryer price in Bangladesh.

Good points
High-performance engine:

The engine of this unit is of professional quality. It offers high heating power to allow you to dry your hair in no time.

Adjustable temperature:

The operating temperature of this article is adjustable on 3 different levels so that the drying is carried out in a good condition regardless of the nature of the treated hair.

Air Cool function:

This model offers an Air Cool function that allows you to have a lasting finish by fixing the hairstyle to the final phase of the treatment of your hair.

Negative points
Instructions for use in English:

The user manual that accompanies this model could have been in French even if this does not constitute an obstacle to the mastery of its functionalities since they are easy to control.

Sencor SHD 6400B

Sencor SHD 6400B is a travel hairdryer. Its handle is foldable so you can easily store it in your bag when you move. The goal is to ensure that you do not feel cluttered by its presence among your belongings. This model offers two levels of power. In this way, you will have the freedom to adapt it to your needs for different types of hair.

This product is offered with a button that allows access to fresh air to ensure that the final result can have a better hold. It comes with a hanging hook for easy storage when you use it. This device also offers rubber side protections to limit scratches and optimize its longevity if only aesthetically.
Its DC motor operates at an input power of 850 watts. Despite its performance, it should not lead to a significant increase in your electricity consumption showing the interest of investing in its acquisition. Its power cord measures 1.7 meters so you can use it with freedom even if the power outlet is not too close to its location.

Sencor SHD 6400B combines performance and practicality even though its features remain basic compared to some devices in the same category as this device.

Good points
Foldable handle:

This model is intended to be used by people who bring their hairdryer during a trip because its handle is foldable.
2 power levels:

This equipment offers you two different levels of power to allow it to adapt to hair of varied nature.

Fresh air button:

For your hairstyle to last longer after finishing, you can expose it to fresh air by pressing this button only.

Suspension hook:

Offered with a hanging hook, this product is easy to store.

Negative points
A simplistic model:

This model is simplistic to the taste of some of those who use it at the moment, but it remains functional.

Philips HP8232 / 00

Equipped with the ThermoProtect function, this Philips hairdryer diffuses air at an adequate temperature, which protects your hair against the risk of overheating. With a professional power of 2200 Watts, it allows obtaining irreproachable results. Thanks to the power and the speed of the air, you can carry out an ultra-fast drying.

Thanks to the 6 temperature/speed combinations of this dryer, you can adjust the heat and speed according to the hairstyle you want to get. At the end of the blow-dry session, you can use its cold air button for a better hold of the hairstyle.

Easy to handle, this model has a removable rear filter, a 1.8-meter cord, and a suspension ring. It has a negative ion diffuser that provides a smooth, glowing and soft hair. Also, it offers the concentrator 14 mm which allows a precise and exceptional hairstyle. To have more pep on your loops, you can use the volume diffuser.

Wondering: how to choose the best hair dryers? Well, check out a few key points about each hair dryer offered: power, airspeed, temperature/speed levels and the presence of certain keys and functions (cold air, turbo, diffuser, concentrator ...).
The Philips HP8232 / 00 model is one of our best hair dryers this year because it is a reliable model and a nice beauty. Besides, it is the cheapest on our list, which is quite motivating.

Good points
The ThermoProtect function:

The ThermoProtect function has been created so that your hair is not damaged.

A filter placed at the back for better hygiene:

Thanks to this filter, this device diffuses healthy air to dry your hair.

Negative points

-The device that dries the hair well, but can not guarantee the maintenance of the shaping:
-This device can very well dry the hair and can also shape, but it lasts only a short time.
The ionic function of questionable efficiency:

Its ionic function seems to be ineffective on other people while others are satisfied.

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