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LOVEStv is now officially available for the vast majority of televisions. We review how it works and what the new DTT HbbTV platform offers.

Everything you need to know about LOVEStv, how to see it, options and programs

LOVEStv officially starts its broadcasts in Spain. Yes, we know that this was said a few months ago, but the truth is that this platform with HbbTV technology powered by RTVE, Atresmedia and Mediaset was not available on the vast majority of televisions. In fact, in our particular case, we could see it a Samsung TV BD but in another LG OLED, we did not have access. Now it should appear on the vast majority of televisions in the market. Today the official start of the broadcasts has been announced, with compatibility for many more television models. Therefore, we wanted to make a special article in which we tell you what this new platform is and how it works.


It is likely that, by now, I know, but it is worth remembering. LOVEStv is a content platform with HbbTV technology that has been jointly created by Atresmedia, Mediaset España and RTVE. It is an open project, which expects to have the rest of the DTT chains shortly, both state and regional coverage.

This platform gives us access to a more complete and interactive television. We can watch a program from the beginning, play content broadcast during the last week, see programming recommendations or learn about the next few days through an improved guide.


Everything you need to know about LOVEStv Hbbtv

This new platform is not compatible with all televisions. To access we need a compatible Smart TV. Here you can see if your TV is within compatible models or not. You just have to put the TV model you have in the search engine and check if it is compatible. If it is not, do not worry, those responsible for the project have ensured that the list of compatible models and manufacturers will soon be expanded.

Also, we will need a smart tv price in Bangladesh to be connected to the Internet and the terrestrial antenna. It is not necessary to download any application. HbbTV is a hybrid technology, which combines television broadcasts with broadband services. Hence we need TV to have both connections.

Finally, we will have to tune in to some of the channels on which the service is available within DTT. How will we know if the channel we have put has the service activated? When changing to this channel a small warning will appear on the left side with the LOVEStv logo. If the logo appears, click on the blue button on the remote to access the platform.


Everything you need to know about LOVEStv initial menu

By pressing the blue button, and after accepting the conditions of use, the first thing we will see will be the programming guide. Once here, using the coloured buttons on the remote, we can go to the different sections offered by LOVEStv.

Everything you need to know about LOVEStv main menu

As you can see, it is a fairly simple platform. Pressing the blue button again we will access the main menu, which offers options very similar to those of this small initial menu.

Everything you need to know about LOVEStv control

From here we can access a small help that explains how the platform works. Also to the Settings option, in which we can only enable or disable parental control.

But the really interesting thing about LOVEStv is the “ Last 7 days ” option. From here we can access all the programming that has been broadcast in the last 7 days on the channel we have. The latter is important since if we access LOVEStv, for example, from Antena 3 we will only see the programming of Antena 3. We must remember that this platform is not a streaming system like others that work through the Internet.

Everything you need to know about LOVEStv last 7 days

Through the arrow keys, we can move through the different days of the week. With the left and right arrows, we will change the day. And with the up and down arrows, we will search among the broadcast program.

Everything you need to know about LOVEStv more information

Have we already located the program we want to watch? We just have to press OK on the remote to play it. And if we are not very sure, we can also click on “ More information ” to see an extended description of the program.

All you need to know about LOVEStv recommendations

If we are not sure what we want to see, we can access the Recommendations menu by pressing the blue button on the remote to enter the main menu. In this section, we will see both recommendations of programs already broadcast, and of the programs to be broadcast. The latter, of course, we will not be able to see them until they have been issued.

Everything you need to know about LOVEStv home

Finally, another of the most interesting options offered to us by LOVEStv is “ See from the beginning ”. If we are late and our favourite program has already started, we will only have to access the platform, select the program in the guide and press the yellow button on the remote.


I can tell you that I have tried the service with my 10 MB ADSL connection and it works perfectly. It has no cuts and the image quality is good (within what is DTT). Mind you, we don't get rid of the ads.

However, in order not to despair using the LOVEStv platform, we must keep some things in mind. The first is that the control of the platform is not done like that of our Smart TV system. For example, in my case, I used an LG OLED C7 TV from last year. This has the Magic Remote, which shows as if it were a mouse pointer on the screen. However, LOVEStv cannot be controlled with this system. You have to do it with the arrow keys, which can lead to confusion.

On the other hand, in general, programs can move forward and backwards. But this is not always the case, some programs do not allow it. Besides, we do not have available all the programs that the channel we are watching is broadcasting. As an example, during the test, I found that in Cuatro I only had 7 programs available last Monday, November 26.

In short, these are small details that I understand will be polished by those responsible for LOVEStv. Even so, these types of services are appreciated, which are also free.


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