4 Benefits of Refrigerated Storage Containers

From pharmaceuticals to food, cold storage solutions play an essential role in preserving the lifespan of perishable goods. Not only do climate-controlled facilities protect commodities such as medicine, meat, and other temperature-sensitive items, but refrigerated shipping containers also eliminate the need for cumbersome on-site storage. Looking for a safe, sound solution to house a valuable product? Consider the following four benefits of refrigerated storage containers:

  1. Space Conservation

Nothing is more frustrating than not knowing where to house inventory. Whether space is scarce or a move is in the near future, refrigerated shipping containers provide the extra area needed to navigate a business. Instead of working around bulky internal refrigeration systems, consider relocating cold items to an offsite facility that will help free up floor space, and ultimately increase productivity.

  1. Mobility

In addition to space conservation, another critical characteristic of cold cargo containers is mobility. Commonly utilized for on-the-go activities such as catering, festivals, and events, refrigerated storage containers feature a portable quality other solutions simply don't possess. Whether you are carting cargo one or one thousand miles away, you can rest assured that items will arrive in their freshest, fairest form.

  1. Temperature Control

Not all temperature control systems are created equally. Because space, equipment, and technology vary from system to system, each device offers its own set of pros and cons. Take, for example, cold storage facilities. While warehouses and storerooms serve as an excellent area for additional inventory, they don't always make the wisest choice in terms of temperature.  Because these types of facilities often accommodate a wide range of clients, space is traditionally divided up into multiple climate-controlled zones. If temperatures are off in one area even just slightly, this can affect an item's status, leaving delicate goods susceptible to bacteria, freezer burn, and chemical change. One advantage of investing in a cold cargo container is the level of control a client is allowed over their goods. By condensing the device down to a single system, it simplifies the process significantly without running the risk of spoiling expensive, often irreplaceable assets.

  1. Customizable Qualities

Perhaps the most coveted feature of cold storage containers is their customizable qualities. Since the product accommodates multiple industries, it has to be highly adaptable to differing demands. As such, shipping containers are often outfitted with extra shelves, doors, vents, and lockboxes at a client's request. One specific company that modifies containers in this way is USA-Containers, a small family-owned business that customizes each receptacle down to the smallest detail. From flooring to personalized paint colors, the company works with each client to bring their ideas to life. To get a better idea of the company's capabilities, check out their gallery of past projects!

Local Cold Storage Solutions

If you or someone you know is looking to invest in refrigerated storage containers for your company, contact USA-Containers today. For specific details on the products and services offered, call (877) 391-4064 or visit their website at usa-containers.com. The company is headquartered at 1069 Township Rd 1950 East, Smithshire, IL 61478, and extends its services throughout the Midwest.

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