4 Ways to Help Your Church Virtually

How to Help Your Church Get Through COVID-19

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Your church is your sacred space, and you can make efforts to preserve your religious institution through the COVID-19 pandemic by doing everything possible to keep its doors from closing for good. Even if your church has been shut down for several months and isn’t expected to open in the coming days, there are still ways to help your church through the power of internet technology. Here are four ways that you can help your church virtually.

Spread the Word

In addition to spreading the gospel, you can do your part to promote your faith and church by letting more people know about your religious institution online. Letting more people know about your online church can increase the number of attendees at services when your church reopens. Spreading the word about your church is another great way to increase new memberships, which can also help your church financially.


Social media offers a great platform for spreading the word about your church online, and you can find Christian groups on social media sites where members can learn more about what your religious institution offers. Another way to promote your church online is by making videos that discuss your church in more detail and what sets it apart from other houses of worship.

Start a Fundraiser

Many churches have felt the financial impact that has resulted from the government-mandated shutdowns during the pandemic, and you can help your church recover better by starting a fundraiser online. If you know how to make certain crafts, you can try selling them online and donating the proceeds to your church fund. Some websites allow you to ask the public for donations by creating a page that explains your cause with the hope of inspiring people to share some of their money.


If an online fundraiser isn’t enough to generate the funds that your church needs to survive, you can try researching church financing programs and informing your church leaders of the specific lenders who can offer them the most money with the fairest terms. Lenders that provide loans to churches are often more forgiving and willing to work out agreements if religious institutions struggle to repay the money when it’s due.

Help Arrange Essential Service Deliveries

Even though your church may not be holding in-person services, clergy members are still likely trying to find ways to provide essential services to people in need. You can help arrange these essential services by compiling a list of the names of the people in need and scheduling times for clergy staff or volunteers from your church to provide these services. As Christianity, today suggests, you can also send out lists of services that people might need either through email or standard mail and have people check the specific services they require before returning the list to you or church staff.


Services may include food and other household item deliveries to people who can’t afford them, and you can schedule drop-off times and verify the addresses of all the people on the donation list to make sure that the deliveries will be made to the correct places. You can also arrange rides to hospitals or doctor’s offices for people who need transportation to receive health care.

Volunteer as a Virtual Assistant

Along with helping your church schedule essential service deliveries, you can volunteer to become a virtual assistant if you have certain clerical skills that can benefit your religious institution. As a virtual assistant, you’ll be able to work from the comfort and safety of your home computer while helping your church manage its day-to-day tasks.


If you have advanced knowledge of accounting, you may try volunteering as a virtual bookkeeper to help your church balance its books, manage payroll, and handle year-end reporting. You can also assist church staff in managing the church’s database and editing details on the church’s website. You might also be able to have some of the church’s incoming phone calls directed to a line in your home so that you can answer inquiries, listen to voicemails and return calls.


You can play an important role in keeping your church up and running without having to leave your home. Modern technology makes it possible for you to lend a helping hand so that your church can continue to operate and be a place of worship for everyone.


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