Stock Photography

feeling of fear and contempt because most of the top companies hates it


Stock photography is mainly related to the advertising agency in their creative department. But if a person says the term stock photography in the creative department of any advertisement agency industry then that particular person in the department would look at other person with the mixture of feeling of fear and contempt because most of the top companies hates it. There are many smaller shops that loves stock photography as they make much profit from it and rarely it is touched by any of the big agency. It is just similar to a clothing that means a person buying the rack off from the popular brand shop. It can look much beautiful but that person will not be the one wearing that similar design as there would be many who would wear the same. Free HD Stock Images are that photos which are taken not only taken on the behalf of any project from the agency or from any of the clients. The photos taken by the photographers are sent to the stock house in order to get them licensed. The shots that are clicked by the photographer can be purchased by any of the client at a fixed price that is based on the usage or sometimes flat fees is charged. It can be purchased by any of the person who wants that photos that would ultimately result in using it many times by many of the different clients.

Now a days, there are mainly two types of the stock photography that are royalty free and rights managed. Every type of the stock photos have some of the strengths and are very different in terms of cost.

  • Rights managed stock photos are more costly as compared to royalty free stock photography as they have a high amount fees involved while taking the photos. The price of the stock photo depends upon the many factors that includes the usage of the stock photo, the run time taken during print, location where the image is shot, size of the stock photo and its exclusivity. The reason behind the more cost of right managed photo are the factors behind it. Generally, the quality of the image shot on RM is high as compared to other.
  • Royalty free stock photos are less costly as compared to the rights managed stock photography. The worth of royalty free stock photography is noting that they free don’t mean that there is no cost involved in it. The royalty free stock photography means that the image that is shot has no amount of royalty and can be purchased for only one time and also at a fixed cost. The images shot of RF can be used many of the times and there is no time limit to use it. However, there is some limits of number to use the reproduced image and the quality of the image that is shot in RF is less as compared to RM.

There are many advantages of the stock photography such as stock photos that are taken are great for mock ups. This is one of the biggest reasons behind the stock photos. A person who is thinking of an idea to present it in front of the client, there is no involvement of time or money while doing the shoot. If the person thinks of the idea of how to present, then the time which is important would be wasted. A person can simply get a perfect idea by combining the many of the stock images to make a different image from it. Although it can be a rough image and also a low-resolution image but it is much better to portray the last image that is obtained.     

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