The Top five Payment Trends In India that changing the Market perception.

For those people, who most of the time stay at home, and also do not have much interest in online services, television is the most favorite entertainment medium for them. Taking this interest of people into account, XPay.Life renders the service of DTH recharge through which the recharge can be done effortlessly in a jiffy.

The digital payments era has opened opportunities for fintech companies to utilize all their technological advancements, data collections, artificial intelligence and integrating of the software and hardware systems and be on the top. Many companies have been successful in tapping the market after proper analyzing customer behavior, customer requirement and enhancing the bill payment sector that uses many apps equipped with QR code payment app.

In India, the digital shift has been in accruals from the past 24 months especially triggered by the demonetization syndrome that put the circulation of physical cash on hold and catalyzing a digital chain reaction. In this phase, the e-commerce sites and the bill payment service providers rose to the peak as customer onboarding and digital shift started increasing at a vehement speed and the search for best mobile payment app for bill payments became rampant.

The present digital scenario in India

India is seen as a rapidly developing country with the number of economic and financial statuses with ever-rising fin-tech companies and the country ranks third in the global investor's interest. This has given frequent ripple to the rupee currency and the fluid currency is much-gaining traction. Let us talk about the urban trends fulfilling the 65% of completely digitalized citizens of India.

Bhavana, a resident from Bangalore prefer paying the rickshaw wala with the QR code which is a mini transaction and be free from the scavenging her purse for the changes while returning home, she buys groceries and immediately completes the payment through the QR code. This is the trending payments that India is going through for the mini-transactions. And it is said that a lot of profit of digital payments using the quick response code which ensures a secure and quick payment without any cash exchange. Also, she makes her Online Broadband Bill Payment through the mobile apps as well.

This technology eliminates the requirement of expensive near-field communication devices (NFC) and increases the onboarding of merchants. It is said that the number of merchants accepting digital modes of payment will increase to 10 million by the coming year. Hence a lot of potentials is seen over and many merchants are boarding this payment sector. 


The transfer of money from peer-peer or merchant to the consumer has seen a different digital acceptance with the UNIfied Payment Interface where the bank to bank transfer is made easy but prior to the mobile payment services, it was cumbersome to login to banking apps to create the VPA which is virtual payment address. The third-party providers wh started to build the apps on UPI became the easiest technology at the customer’s disposal and hence UPI transactions are trending payment in India. Gas Bill Payment can now be done through the apps.

Traditional payment sectors will be disrupted and more people will be seen using the online mode of payments and they are actively making Reliance big tv recharge online based on a number of benefits.

Zero transaction fees

The economics od the payment transactions have been declining due to the government regulatory support and pressure by competition by other market giants. People are drawn towards free and zero transaction fees which is not possible by any other method hence the shift to the online bill payments has been consistent and is exponentially growing.

Security Hygiene

The app like XPay Life is India’s first mobile payment service provider that is using blockchain technology for providing the highest kind of cybersecurity. It also provides the feature on the website and application where no card details hence there is less probability of misusing the customer’s account and online water bill payment can be done without any hassles.

The XPay Life 

The application is compatible with the iOS and Android devices and can be downloaded through the Google Playstore or Appstore. The website is built for a user-friendly experience and it doesn’t require any login or registrations to make a payment.

Hence easy bill payment can be done through online methods. Also the XPay.Life is empowering rural sectors in bill payment by providing bill payment kiosks that accept cash. The mobile van equipped with the kiosk, vending machine and mini-ATMs.

Hence the new innovations are going to become trending for the next generation.

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