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What is the best cheap electric shaver of 2020?

A portable razor is a very practical shaving accessory when you are on frequent trips or trips. Normally able to slip into any toilet bag, the portable razor allows you to stay clean at all times and on all occasions.


Why buy electric shavers? Convenience and time savings are often the answers to this question. The portable razor allows you to stay well shaved wherever you are and allows you to make small quick touch-ups in case you notice slight unsightly regrowth. The choice of a portable shaver is another point to consider before purchasing such a device.
To choose it well, one must think of three criteria. It is therefore essential to favour the type of device which can be either a rotary blade razor or a vibrating blade. The rotary blade model will tend to straighten the hairs before cutting them with a set of three rotary blades while the vibrating blade model has a technology that allows the hairs to be drawn up in a grid and cut with mini blades. Braun devices are all of this type.
Care should also be taken to select the power mode of the device. On this point, there are the famous batteries and razors on the sector. Batteries provide more mobility but have the slight drawback of having to worry about replacement, while mains power takes longer but needs to find a socket each time it is charged. Some models combine the two feeding modes at the same time. Finally, lastly, we should not neglect the little extras such as ease of maintenance, use or other accessory features that can be useful.
Braun is a brand recognized for its razors and clippers. Here it offers a portable razor model powered by batteries that align with many of its quality products. As such, the brand has several models of portable shavers but the following choice was made about the very reasonable trimmer price in Bangladesh-quality.

Braun PocketGo M60b
Main advantage

The pocket M60b portable shaver is practical in every sense of the word. It goes into the water easily, fits easily in a toiletry bag and effectively shaves hair from several days to a few days of growth.

Main drawback

For design enthusiasts, the colour of the razor still leaves something to be desired and does not fully harmonize with the product design. Our comparison still considers this product as one of the models of razors to favour if you are looking for a simple razor for occasional use.
 Main Features Explained
A wide but fine shaving foil

Even if the PocketGo portable shavers are the smallest electric shavers in the Braun range, they are nonetheless wide at the grids for an impeccable finish. This M60b model has an extra-large grid that allows you to shave a larger area in less time.
Besides, this grid is also fine to be more precise in close shaving. A compromise between speed and finesse of shaving was, therefore, more or less found in this product. Shaving is effective and the SmartFoil function of the device allows you to shave all hairs closely, even those that grow in all directions.

Security lock

When you put your portable razor in a toiletry bag, you probably don't want it to work automatically and cause damage. However, this kind of annoying incident almost always happens with most portable shaver models. The Braun PocketGo M60b has a security locking system that allows it to block access to the on and off button of the device.
Moreover, it is for this reason that this razor dispenses with a pocket. Despite this, there is nothing to fear about its maintenance because the razor seems solid. Thanks to this lock, forget the worries of razors that start on their own and that finish their batteries without you knowing how.

Easy to use

By use, we refer to both use and maintenance. Its compact design allows you to shave at your convenience. If the device seems too small to grasp, it has a flexible grid protection cap which can be used as an extension for handling. Once you shave, the PocketGo is easily washed under running water. Its maintenance should therefore not be a problem.
It is a razor that is powered by two AA batteries and depending on the frequency of use, life is quite suitable. However, you should always provide spare batteries for each trip or opt for rechargeable batteries for those who have a charger.


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