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5 Benefits of Installing Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Have you been thinking of buying a mattress topper lately? Was it the thought of an extra layer of comfort? Or just that you want to ensure that your mattress stays durable for decades.

Have you been thinking of buying a mattress topper lately? Was it the thought of an extra layer of comfort? Or just that you want to ensure that your mattress stays durable for decades. While we spend some time on these factors, we must remember that we all need to rest our bodies to get some sound sleep. Your sleep can be a daunting challenge if the body can’t relax.


There are multiple options if you plan to buy a mattress topper. Not just the material used varies; toppers come in different sizes and density. Popular choices for mattress toppers are memory foam toppers, Memory Foam Gel Toppers, Natural Latex Mattress Toppers, Cool Gel Memory Foam, Standard Medium Foam, Premium Medium Foam, Luxury-Firm Foam, and more. 


In this column, we will talk about the benefits of memory foam mattress topper, which is widely available in the market and gaining more and more popularity.  


But first, we begin with its history.

History of Memory Foam Mattress

Memory foam material was first used in 1966 for NASA. The material would act as an additional layer of cushion on air crafts. Those days it was known as Tempur foam. As NASA made it available for general use, memory foam came to be used widely in the healthcare industry and sports.


Slowly this material was being used on medical beds, including X-Ray tables. It was used extensively in US sports, to cushion the helmets.  


Back then, the material was not available cheaply. It was only when the material got cheaper did its use as a bed and sleep accessory became popular. People started using memory foam pillows and mattresses.

Characteristic of Memory Foam Mattress Topper

Memory foam mattresses are made with the use of chemicals such as polyurethane memory foam. It is widely popular because the material is viscoelastic and has numerous pores, which allows free movement of air. It is available in the low and high-density form. Higher the density, the more firm the mattress will be. 

5 Benefits of Using a Mattress Topper

  • Adapts to body shape: Memory foam mattress takes the shape of the body, so your body is cased in a cushion. Depending on the density, the topper will provide adequate support to the body. But we are not recommending going for a memory foam mattress; you go try different options. We are sure you will settle for this one. When you are trying different options, make sure you check for softness, density, and the material used in the topper. 


  • Free Air Flow: The porous structure of the foam allows the free flow of air. When we sleep, our body generates heat. It can get uncomfortable, especially in warmer countries, if the bed starts to generate heat. That circulation of air can make your body feel cooler and allow you to sleep in comfort.


  • Absorbs Movements: We all usually get disturbed by the movement of another person sharing the same bed. Tossing and turning can spoil uninterrupted sleep. The use of memory foam mattresses absorbs the movement of a person and does not produce noise. So if you or your partner tosses and turns a lot in sleep, then go book this memory foam and treat yourself or your partner with some sound sleep!.   


  • Various options available: One should research and pick a mattress topper. If there is a mismatch in the size of the mattress and the topper, it might affect your sleep. One advantage Memory foam mattress offers is it comes in different sizes. While buying, you must remember that the topper should not be oversized, it should be long and broad enough to encapsulate the mattress. This type of topper comes in different sizes, plus it can also be customized as per the buyer’s needs.


  • Durability: Memory foam toppers are highly durable; that’s one reason why it is used worldwide by different industries. Yes, toppers are cheaper than mattresses; that does not mean you will buy a new topper every six months. This material stays for a long time.


  • Multiple Use: Memory foam toppers have multiple uses. If you want to use the topper as a seat cushion, or a mat, so go ahead and use it like that. If you have creativity, you can cut your topper into a smaller size and use it in your baby’s cot. You can make yourself a cushion too for your couch.  


  • Extends Mattress life: The use of memory foam toppers extends the life of the mattress. Mattresses are expensive, and you buy thinking that it lasts forever. There can be wear, tear, or stains. A protective layer with memory foam toppers can extend the life of your mattress.


  • Affordable: Buying a memory foam mattress can be expensive, but you can enjoy similar comfort with a memory foam topper. It is both affordable and durable.  


Now that you know all the benefits of memory foam toppers, you know what to ask for when you visit the store to purchase a topper. We still suggest you try and check other options before you pick one.

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