5 Best and Free Printable Newsletter Templates

A newsletter template carries the image of your brand, group, or organization.

A newsletter template carries the image of your brand, group, or organization. Your newsletter and the customizations portray your aesthetic and your motive to the customers. This ensures a positive and consistent brand experience to your subscribers (Email) who want to hear from you time and again. Apart from Email newsletters, you can distribute printable newsletters and distribute them to different people, clubs, committees, etc. Whichever method of newsletter sharing you choose; your goal should be to remain consistent with it.

If you’re looking for a good option for printable and email-valid newsletters templates, check out the list below to save you some time and effort:

Company Newsletter

Company Newsletter is suitable for business purposes. Using their template, you can remain in touch with your loyal customers and interested prospects. They offer free and editable business newsletter templates. All the templates are pre-formatted with masthead, headlines, subheads, sidebars, and call outs. To add your piece of content, all you have to do is select an area and paste or write your content. You can easily insert images, shapes, tables, hyperlinks, and more to your corporate newsletter templates. You can also use their templates for your club, team, school, or family to share news and upcoming events.

Employee Newsletter

It is a four-page employee newsletter template that comprises sections for news, messages, calendars, events, and has a table of contents. You can use it to update your employees about the latest happenings and events in the company. Using the table of contents, readers can jump to their interest sections quickly. You can use it to share information about an employee’s monthly achievements, birthdays, and more.


Over the past seven years, TidyForm has been providing free and professional templates, for various fields and purposes, like a business, education, finance, legal, life, and more. They are one of the leading template providers on Adobe Acrobat, Microsoft Word, and Excel. They update their templates every week. You can use their templates for spreading the word about charity, organization, creating a community, and more. In their charity newsletter, you get two-column layouts with locations for photos and images. You can share lengthy information and give ratings to the templates you use.

Elementary School Newsletter

If you’re looking for a template dedicated entirely to students, then Elementary School Newsletter is the best option for you. It is specifically designed to be used by management/ staff/ administrators of schools or parent-teacher groups. But you can also use it for general purposes as it includes a friendly instructional text which you can customize according to your preferences. You can change the colors and add photos for a better explanation and make it visually pleasing.

Newsletter (Green Wave Design)

The newsletter template offered by Green Wave Design has a very simplistic, unique, and effective layout so that you can easily insert articles, news, and updates. This template can be used in any sector by anyone. If you look for Green Wave design, you’ll be able to find additional matching templates. It includes an attractive footer on the first page, two pages for content, and a three-column layout where you can add and adjust contact details and logo of your community, brand, club, company, etc.

These templates are best among all the other templates available on the internet. You can send these in PDF formats or via Email. Even if you are new to this, you’ll be able to customize and edit the templates accordingly to match your aesthetic.

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