5 Best Car Booking Applications in Canada

5 Best Car Booking Applications in Canada

Globalization has paved ways through which people can visit other countries freely without any worry or hesitation. With the travel and tourism expanding globally, the online car rental services are in great demand.

As you visit the beautiful and rich lands of Canada, you may want to plan your car situation. That is so then you could travel the streets of Canada without having to worry about transportation. 

People residing in the regions of a country also more often make use of cab services as they save a large amount of time and money. Traveling using your own transport comes with its own advantages and disadvantages. You need to keep an eye on the fuel tank, worry about parking space and taking care of the maintenance and repairs. 

Car rental services on the other hand bring in comfort of not having to consider maintenance or parking areas. So, on your next visit to Canada, make sure to have one of the following best car booking apps on your smartphones. 


Kayak is an all-inclusive travel app navigator right from restaurants and hospitals to airports. If you are in connection with a travel service and wish to get an entry in the online cab space then Kayak can be the place for you to discover. This particular app allows individuals to function offline. It can help you with booking flights and rental cars along with a 24/7 support for business trip advisors to plan the entire trip on behalf of the person. The app is one of the top car rental booking apps, holding the nomination for the “Best Mobile App Awards” with regards to a user-friendly interface.


Turo is one such car rental app featuring a list of over 800 cars under one roof. As a car owner, you can maximize your asset value into the earnings engine to earn money off the car rather than having it situated in the garage. Turo offers convenience of traveling through the Canada, USA, UK, New York Times, Germany, and a lot more areas in Europe. The user can book a car directly from a local host. These host manage the vehicle for monitoring the performance from the app. 

ZoomZoom Car

ZoomZoom is yet another leading cab booking app for local travel and tourism needs across Niagara, Canada. The ZoomZoom features several aspects, such as the car booking for kids through ZoomKids or for women using Zoom for Her feature. It enables safety and security for all kinds of demographics and highlights quality services. This app lists out amusing cars on its application for the user to choose from. 


If you are planning on renting or hosting a car, Getaround is just the place for you. It features a quick and easy means to verify renting or hosting a car online. As a user, you can book a cab on a daily basis or an hourly basis, as per your requirements. 

The Getaround app Connect feature enables the host to enter without use of a key, thus, ensuring advanced security. The rental car users can further locate and unlock a car with their phones. 


Another amazing car rental app SIXT, lets users drive or ride in onto their particular destination. SIXT app serves an online car rental service across around 100 countries. This app features a Carsharing option that has no set limitation for cars, durations and drop-off limits. So, you can book your favorite car and look after reservations within the SIXT app account. Also, the search filter can narrow down the search to price, car type, and popularity for enhanced custom results.

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