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5 Best Sales Prospecting Techniques to Stand Out from Your Competitors

Here are the best sales prospecting tips you can start using today to drive revenue growth.

Prospecting is one of the main steps of the sales process.

And still, it's one of the most complicated ones as well.

In fact, 42% of sales reps have described prospecting as the most difficult stage of the sales process. So, why is it so challenging?

Let's admit that prospecting isn't as thrilling as closing a sale. It is often delayed until all the "important things" are finished.

Here are 5 sales prospecting techniques that will help you stand out from your competitors.


Focus on Finding the Right Prospects

Prospects must come before the prospecting process. Any salespeople waste a lot of time chasing prospects who have no interest in what they're offering. The trick is to spend time deciding exactly who matches the profile of what you want to market, and then to create a prospect profile. Analyze your top clients, build suitable profiles, and scan for opportunities that suit those profiles. The profiles will allow you to target your prospecting efforts on successful, prospective buyers.

Nurturing is the Key

A major hurdle is that prospecting is an operation rather than a procedure. Prospecting isn't an impulsive easy remedy. It requires more than making a call and, if there is a negative response, passing the name off the list. The goal of continuous development is to establish a relationship with the prospect, something that some salespeople find challenging when the initial interaction is negative.


Prospect Smarter not Harder with LinkedIn

As far as the prospecting in the B2B industry is concerned, LinkedIn has more than 645 million subscribers globally, making it the top social media alternative for business networking and sales prospecting. More and more, LinkedIn is being used as a source to create new leads and meaningful sales. It is an incredibly cost-effective market planning platform. 

LinkedIn is a perfect way to chart your approach to a different viewpoint. There will also be a vast variety of decision-makers in a wider company who you would need to reach out to and engage with in order to make a sale.

Those who are not connected with you but you see them as your potential buyers, use the LinkedIn email extractor to collect the contact information and supporting data. This will not only save your time but will also help you to tailor your approach while contacting them using email or on a phone call. 


Get Your Outreach Enticing

You need to know that you are not the only one who is prospecting.

Very certainly, all of the leads are bombarded by a range of emails, invites, and discounts. So, to break through the ashes, you've got to make your outreach stand out.

How can I do that?

Like you might imagine, there is no golden law. Yet, the easiest way to do this is to bring some effort into your prospecting.


Since much of the competition doesn't bother to do better than the bare minimum. Assuming that is accurate, so adding a little extra effort will change the way your message looks relative to the way your rival sends it.


Be a Prospect-Driven Salesperson

For so many salesmen, prospecting is taken seriously only during those times when sales are down. They continue to be involved in the outcomes of prospecting but disregard the prospecting process. The aim is to be recognized as a "prospect-driven" salesperson, one who relies on absolute commitment and energy for the identification of prospective buyers.



The main aim of sales prospecting is to reach a recipient who is potentially interested in what you are offering.

When looking for future candidates, use sales prospecting strategies to approach areas where most of the leads are found. Demonstrate how the strategy will help them solve their challenges immediately.


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