5 Bigger Hacks To Ensure That You Never Lose Your Helmet Again

Here are 5 smart hacks which will make sure that you never lose the helmet again.

Do you often find yourself in a situation where you have to keep the motorcycle parked outside along with the motorcycle riding helmet on it only to come back and find the hat has been stolen? It is not the most common problems of motorcycle riders especially those who commute to office but they are not allowed to carry the helmet with them inside the office if that is the case, or if you're one of those people who do not like to carry a helmet on their arms everywhere they go but don't want to lose their helmets either- here are 5 smart hacks which will make sure that you never lose the helmet again.

  1. Ask someone for help: In many places around the world where motorcycles are parked there are places where people well set up business of keeping your quotes, jackets and motorcycle helmets in return for a little payment. If you find similar services in the place where you reside, make use of temple top these are quite useful specially because of the fact that take care of your things and return them to you at the end of the day for a very small amount of money. If that is not the case find somebody- a security guard or a secretary or in assistant who might be willing to help you out by looking after your helmet while you are gone!  
  2. Install motorcycle helmet locks on the motorcycle: One of the new gadgets that have become available in the market recently are motorcycle helmet logs which are simple contraptions that can be attached easily to the rear grab handle of the motorcycle and that will allow you to keep the motorcycle helmet log permanently on it as long as you want it to say that way. These locks are normal key operated locks which can be closed or opened at your convenience. The price of a helmet lock is just a fraction of a basic model cycle branded premium helmet which means there's no reason why you should not invest in it right away.  
  3. Carry the helmet on your arms: Some of the most designer good quality branded premium motorcycle helmets coming very attractive beautiful designs which beg to be flaunted! Take a look at all the different motorcycle helmet options that have started to become common in the market and look for a design which suits your life sell and one that will feel proud to carry on your arms everywhere you go. The best helmet manufacturers in India have started designing helmets with Bluetooth connectivity options have in which means if your helmet has been around for several years now it might be time for an upgrade with one of the best designs available in the market right now.  
  4. Get an open face helmet and store it under the seat: Another practical way of taking care of the helmet and ensuring that never gets stolen is to store it under the seat after scooter. Please note that this hack is only applicable for those people who ride a scooter with an under-seat luggage compartment. While there might be enough space to keep a full-face helmet it's always a good idea to carry an open face helmet which is much smaller in size and can be conveniently not underneath the seat for use later on.  
  5. Keep it in your back: Last but not the least one of the simplest and most elegant way of keeping motorcycle helmet protected against being stolen is by keeping it in your backpack. But for that, you need a bag that is big enough to carry the helmet with you everywhere. Look for a good size back pack Which not only have enough space to stuff in everything that you need for everyday work but also in addition to that must have enough space for you to put the helmet in it as well!    

So, we hope these simple hacks and techniques have helped you out in keeping with CNG car value commute or go on long distance road trip. Be sure to share this with your friends and family members and also let us know when the comments below what else we can do to make this article even more meaningful and useful for you.