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5 Blogging Mistakes To Avoid In 2019 As A Beginner

Blogging seems a tempting career option for beginners, but actually, it's a lot more than just writing and sharing content with readers. Here are the 5 most common mistakes beginners make while writing and a few tips to avoid those mistakes.

Blogging seems a tempting career option for beginners, but actually, it's a lot more than just writing and sharing content with readers.

Starting Your Career as a blogger is really challenging. You will required a proper understanding of the concept for creating marvellous content to engage your audience.

Tutorials, proper guidance and a Digital Marketing Course can help you a lot in clearing your doubts and can help you start your career as a blogger smoothly.

Moreover, there are numerous institutes offer digital marketing training in Noida, delhi, Bangalore, hyderabad, Mumbai and other major cities.

People consider blogging as a no-brainer job. However, when they sit down to write their first post and realize the truth, it hits them hard. 

They understand that it’s way harder than they thought. And like other newbies, they make mistakes and mess things up.

But it’s okay to makes- it happens with every new blogger and eventually, this is how you will learn things and grow as a blogger. 

However, you can easily dodge such mistakes if you know about them earlier. So, for all the newbies in the blogging town, who wants to speed-up their blogging career, Keep on reading this post.

Here are the 5 most common mistakes beginners make while writing and a few tips to avoid those mistakes.


Mistake 1: Omitting Keyword Research

Do keyword research, find the right set of keywords and using them appropriately is the best way to boost the search traffic to your blog.

If you want fruitful outcomes from your blogging efforts, you need to discover the best keywords that can enhance your blog traffic.

See, if you’re not including keywords that your target audience is searching for, then how can you expect huge traffic to your blog.


Try to find 3 to 4 long-tail keywords for your blog. Also, choose the keywords having a high search volume and less competitive. It will not only help you in getting traffic but also in getting higher rankings.

You can use tools such as Long Tail Pro, Kwfinder, SEMrush and Google Keyword Planner to find the list of relevant keywords for your blog.

Make a list of keywords that your competitors are using to boost their blog traffic, and how you can use them to increase your blog traffic.


Mistake 2: Sharing Basic Content

Presently, content is king.  No matter how much effort and money you are investing, without creating valuable and engaging content, everything is useless.

Even search giant Google declares that along with backlinks and Rankbrain, Content plays a major factor in ranking.

Here are some writing tips if you are struggling in getting great exposure for your blog.



A detailed and SEO-optimized content always works. Usually, blog posts with more than 2000 words perform well in search results.

So, create in-depth articles that can help your audience. However, if your target audience loves crisp information such as food and beauty niche, you can write a short type of content as well.

Your first step should be finding out the type of content, your audience wants. Find a niche for your blog and know the perspective of your target audience before starting or creating any blog post.

And it’s the only way you can produce highly focused content that attracts readers and encourages them to share with others as well.


Mistake 3: Not Building Backlinks

A website is nothing without good backlinks. You can’t get huge traffic without backlinks. 

No matter how good and how valuable content you create on your blog, it won’t rank high in search results without high-quality contextual backlinks.

Here I shared some effective ways to earn backlinks for your blog to boost your search traffic.


Engaging content beats everyone. Do the research and create an in-depth article that naturally attracts other bloggers to link with your content.

Mention other bloggers or experts in your post, share the link with them and ask them to share the post with their audience as well.

Start submitting guest posts as it is the most efficient way to build backlinks. Write guest posts for top rb_blog in your niche and it will help you in rank-boosting as well as in improving the domain authority.

Mistake 4: Not Writing For Other rb_blog

When creating a new blog, most people make the mistake of writing content for their blog.

 See, how can you reach a wider audience by creating content for a new blog?

 Blogging means to reach out more and more people to boost the exposure to your blog. And that’s why it’s really important to write great content for other rb_blog as well. Create in-depth and valuable content for them and in return, you will get a lot of traffic to your own rb_blog or websites.

Write 1 in-depth blog post for other websites and you will certainly get a lot of backlinks as well as exposure. 


Blogging Mistake 5: Not Leveraging Social Media

Certainly, sharing your posts on social media will not count as backlinks. However, social platforms can help you in boosting your website traffic.

You can spread your content as much as you can through social media platforms. Moreover, you can reach out to the influencer through these platforms as well. 

Find out the ways, how you can help others, and what are the best possible ways to make your content viral. 

You can create different types of content such as memes, infographic, video etc. to reach your audience quickly. 



Before sharing your content on social media platforms, you need to figure out which platform is best for your niche

For example, Facebook and Instagram are the best platforms for Food, travel and beauty bloggers. Whereas LinkedIn is best for technical bloggers.

Moreover, choose the sharing time best for your niche, as timings matter a lot in case of social media.


Wrapping Up: 

I hope you find this article useful.

 As a beginner, blogging is really hard. You will face a lot of struggles to make your blog successful.

And do remember, Every blogging expert who is popular and earning a lot of money as a  blogger was once a beginner and make mistakes like a newbie.

The success of your blog depends on how quickly you will learn from your mistakes and how it can help you in improving yourself as a blogger.

If you have any tips, you can share them with us in the comment section. 

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