5 Great Coffee Brands Made in the US

If you are looking for good coffee brands to try, here are a few to get you started.

The quality of a cup of coffee has an effect on the entire remainder of the day, with a high-quality cup energizing and invigorating you and a low-quality cup making you grumpy and grouchy. Most Americans brew coffee in their own home, consuming around 3 cups per day or over 1,000 annually. In addition to setting the mood for the rest of the day, coffee can have a long-term financial effect based on how costly it is to purchase throughout the year. Therefore, a coffee of good quality but reasonable cost gives consumers the most bang for their buck. With this information in mind, the following are 5 great coffee brands made right in the United States that cost less yet still taste good.

Eight O’Clock Coffee

The first great coffee brand made in the United States is Eight O’Clock Coffee. Boasting an unparalleled underground popularity, it is among the most loved brands in the country and yet is rather inexpensive at only around 15 cents a cup. The Colombian blend is the best rated due to its smooth texture, chocolatey flavor, and lack of bitter aftertaste. In addition, they often offer coupons to their customers which are found on their website.

Chock Full O’ Nuts

The second great coffee brand made in the United States is Chock Full O’ Nuts. Staying true to its name, it possesses a smooth and somewhat nutty flavor. It is also relatively cheap, costing around 5 to 6 dollars per can, with variation based on place of purchase. Though it has gotten mixed reviews, its overall score is still fairly high on Amazon.


The third great coffee brand made in the United States is Folgers, a classic and well-known brand that made it to the top of the Harris Poll Coffee of the Year list, boasting a wide variety of highly-rated flavors costing around 32 cents per ounce. Its dark coffee blends are also highly recommended, as they are described as being smooth and without unpleasant aftertastes.

Big Island Coffee Roasters

The fourth great coffee brand made in the Big Island Coffee Roasters, whose Kona coffee has been described as having a dark chocolate sweetness that is well worth the price. Each blend has distinct flavors that are special to the Hawaiian Islands and makes this coffee unique and delicious.

Dunkin Donuts

The fifth and final great coffee brand made in the United States is Dunkin Donuts. Coffee from one of the most popular coffee stores in the country can be consumed right at home at a far cheaper cost. Even without the ambiance, it is tasty and economical at around 9 dollars per 16 ounces. Though slightly more expensive than some of the other coffee brands on this list, it has gotten mostly positive reviews, likely due to its familiar and agreeable flavor as a light to medium roast blend.

After the coffee has been purchased, storing it in an airtight or ceramic container in a dark, dry and cool location such as a refrigerator helps make it last longer, which in turn will allow you to enjoy something tastier and cheaper every day at home than something you would have to otherwise wait in line and pay heavily for, satisfying your taste buds and saving your budget. Investing in a coffee machine that brews the coffee at particular temperatures can also help in long-term coffee consumption, as can your usual coffee consumption habits. For example, going for tastier blends is better for those who take their coffee straight, whereas cheaper blends better suit those who take sugar and milk with theirs. Flavorings and additives that mask the coffee's flavor somewhat diminish the need for coffee beans of higher qualities. With the right strategies and blends, even a small amount of coffee can last you a long time while giving you a lot to savor. Furthermore, you can be assured that the blends you purchase are made and sold in the United States, ensuring good quality and supporting the local and national economy. No longer is there a need to wait in lines at expensive and overrated coffee shops that are often part of international companies, as the perfect cup of coffee can be consumed right at home.




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