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The latest findings from Maryland’s Safety Index illustrate that crime rates have increased by 6% (18%) in comparison with the national average of 12%. 47% of Maryland people felt that the property crime that’s most likely to occur is a break-in when there’s nobody at home. The national average is 38%. Surprisingly 35% don’t use any form of security to protect their property, versus 29% nationally.
Thus, it’s highly recommended to focus on your home security. Crime does not discriminate – It won’t matter to the criminals if the property is new or old, rented or owned.
Any security system that you have for your home’s security should be fulfilling the purpose of keeping your property safe for your kids, family and valuable possessions. The major principle is to encumber any criminal intentions & should the nastiest happen, to delay the criminals from getting into your house.
Time will always be your best safeguard or the main means of defense. It is known that the more time a criminal takes to gain access into your home or business, the better are the chances of the burglar being caught.
Today, in this article, we‘ll share 5 home security tips to protect your family:

A. Locksmith and Security Hardware

When you plan to leave your property for a period of time during the holiday, it is really essential to check and assess your property safety hardware. Most of the locks have a predefined age, that’s why it is better to be safe than sorry and ensure that all locks and security systems are fully operational. High-quality locks and Access Control Systems will definitely increase the time taken for a thief to break into your business or home.
Upgrading your traditional locks to digital locks or high-security alarm locks can be very helpful in getting a notification on your phone or setting off an alarm when someone tries to gain access to your property unwantedly. This way it will be difficult for the thief to gain access to your property, making it hard for them – times have gone by when keeping a spare key under the doormat, in the mailbox or anywhere around your house was just fine.
Consider it as an investment to install a high-security alarm system along with a motion sensor. Motion sensors play a key role in the affordable criminal prevention option. Consult a Residential locksmith services Montgomery to discuss your requirements and budget for a complete home security system installation. Qualified locksmiths at My Mobile Locksmith Services are your perfect source of information on specific requirements, alarm types, and most importantly, the installation.
B. External Housekeeping

Any burglar would keep an eye on your home garden and the housekeeping status before they choose a place to break into. Hence, it's important to control your entry and exit access (as well as side gates) by limiting the number of access points and securing them with the appropriate latest locks and security system with the help of Residential locksmith services Montgomery. Outside sheds and Garages must be properly secured, also avoid keeping any valuable items in the Garage as they are often subject to disturbances.
You should try to maintain a good perceptibility of your property - create a clear view of entrances to the main door, access paths, doorways, hiding spots below windows, or house decorations. Keeping your place neat and clean means the property is well looked after, it is very effective in preventing potential intruders.
C. Internal Housekeeping

For any new homeowner, it is highly advisable to replace all external locks or rekeyed. The same amount of measure should be considered if you have misplaced/lost a key, or had tenants moved out without returning the original keys.
Having an access control or high-security keying system provides an extra layer of security to your home or business property and protects not only your valuable assets but your family too. You should always make a list of individuals that may have had access to the keys of your property. - it is something very obvious but we often overlook it. With the help of the list, you have a list ready of people who have the keys if anything happens.
If you are moving out of your house for a period of time, try to hide or keep valuable items in a safe place so they are not easily spotted from the window. Also if you have recently bought a new TV, furniture, or a cabinet set, be very mindful of disposing of the packing boxes as leaving them outside, signals the thief’s that you have expensive items in the household.
Valuable and expensive items such as jewelry, private documents, antiques, and cash - store them in a secure safe hidden in your almirah. If you are investing in a safe, get trustworthy advice from a qualified locksmith and obtain their service for a proper safe installation. Always remember that the safe installation is just as important and crucial as the safe itself!
D. Neighbourhood Watch

A traditional approach – make friends with your neighbors! Either they are new to the area or have been living there all their life. Friendly and nice neighbors could turn out to be very valuable in securing your home and family. You may also like to check locally if a Neighbourhood Watch exists, it is very helpful to improve the overall security of your community.
E. Snap Photos! Insurance & Documentation

I would call it one of the smartest ways to have worry-free life, all you have to do is just make a list of all your belongings at home and office, and be insured.
You can also take photos of your property (internal and external) as well as your personal belongings. You may make a video also. A simple video describing different items may also help in any case of an emergency. Keep a backup or upload these photos and videos on your online drive so that you can access them Qanywhere at any time.
My Mobile Locksmith Services has been servicing Montgomery families, businesses for more than 10 years now. We are open at 14011 Parkland Dr Rockville MD 20853 from Monday to Sunday 6:00 AM - 11:00 PM, with on-site services available during the given time and emergency services operating 24/7. You may also call our experts at 800-445-8240 to know more and book an appointment with us.

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