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5 Other Gifts You Can Send Apart From Flowers & Chocolates

To know about the gifts that you can send apart from the cliché cards, chocolates and flowers, read this blog.

Are you just bored of getting the same old gifts for bae? For someone special in your life, you brainstorm every year and come up with the cliche cards, flowers, and chocolates. I know that you are on a budget and thus, I am here to help you out with some amazing gifting options.

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Yes, food is one of the best gifts and it can’t go wrong if you send a box of delicious, gooey pizza. Just ensure to buy from a pizza delivery near Homestead PA. If you know his or her favorite flavor or topping, then order the same. Whether it is Valentine’s Day and you are not there in the city on your love anniversary, you can never go wrong with a box of cheesy and tasty slices.

You can send it even without any reason!

Do not pick a bouquet yet again. I know you have ordered flowers multiple times before – on her birthdays, on anniversaries, holidays, etc. You should think beyond the box and this is probably the best pick for a foodie. Mark relationship milestones with sweet gestures.

You can send pizzas also if she has already got many cakes! Blowing candles off her fav Italian food actually makes sense.

It can also be sent on other occasions to other special people in your life, such as Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, and various other holidays.

It is like sending a celebration in a box. She will feel your presence even if you are not there. You can also send this to her if she has moved to a new house recently! It is fuss-free and would make her happy instantly.

To make it even more special, make it a virtual pizza night!


You might think – what? Snacks! Yes, snacks are again a great food gift. Get a variety of snacks and the recipient will surely love this over a bouquet. After all, these will be enjoyed for days while a bouquet lasts for only a few hours or a couple of days. Snacks are a great gift. Treats are always welcome.

You can send a basket of snacks if she has passed an exam, has been promoted, or has left her boring job for the much-awaited venture.

It would boost him or her a little more! You can even get snacks from pizza delivery Regent Square. Noone minds some cheese breadsticks, French fries, onion rings, jalapeno poppers, or breaded zucchini.


We have seen how gardening has helped us nurture and stay put during the pandemic. If your friend has a green thumb, then you can send a plant for him or her to take care of. This is so much better than a bunch of flowers. You are giving him or her something that would also contribute to the environment. It could be small foliage, a potted plant, etc.

Get it from a company that specializes in mailing plants.

This could also be given on occasions like the inauguration of a new store, etc. It is such a thoughtful gift. I am sure you would like to get it!

Some of the plants you can send are money plant, aloe, lucky bamboo, snake plant, succulents, etc. I would ask you to go for low-maintenance plants.

Subscription boxes

This can be picked by you as per his or her likings. You can get a beauty subscription if she is into fashion, a tea or coffee subscription for a caffeine addict, etc.

Things to Send Other Than Chocolates and Flowers

So these are a few things you can send on such special occasions. I would ask you to send food to be on the safer side. And do not forget that heartfelt text!

Sending a nice gift shows that you are thinking of them. To know more about pizza delivery Regent Square, read my blogs.

Author Bio: Austin, a blogger on pizza delivery near Regent Square and Homestead PA, writes on the gifts to get other than flowers and chocolates. To choose the best pizza delivery in Regent Square, read his blogs.

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