5 Reasons why Lok Kalyan Samiti is the best NGO in Delhi

Discussing the Reasons why Lok Kalyan Samiti is the best NGO in Delhi.

Lok Kalyan Samiti is an NGO based out of New Delhi and was started in 1952. 12 social workers came together and contributed 1 Rupee each which became 12 Rupees and invested it in the society to work for those who are living in very poor conditions. There are many reasons as to why Lok Kalyan Samiti is the best NGO in New Delhi. 5 reasons are listed below. 

Eye Care

An exclusive eye care hospital is devoted to the people who are living in the slums of Delhi. It is a 40-bed hospital and there are separate facilities for the patients who are visiting the hospital to get operated. Normal eye care check-ups are conducted very often. Camps are conducted once every two weeks and cataract surgeries are also performed on the patients. There have been many successful cases of the operation being performed on the patients. The latest methods of operation are also incorporated to create a much better space for the patients to access healthcare facilities. The hospitals call this eye restoration program. 

Diabetes and Thyroid 

Diabetes is one of the diseases which when it affects human beings disrupts the normal functioning of the body to a very large extent. High levels of sugar or thyroid are never good for the balance of body level. There is a separate hospital that is dedicated to the evaluation of the levels of thyroid and Diabetes at a much earlier stage and to take preventive measures against it. This is indeed a boon to the ones who cannot afford extremely high medical facilities. 

General Medical Services 

A general physio doctor expects the patient to pay a huge amount when he is visiting him for some ailment that has to be cured. A separate Out Patient block has been installed for the patients who are visiting to get their body temperature under check and other normal health issues. Physiotherapy is one of the most important needs in today’s world where the strength of the bones and muscles determines the strength of the body. A free X-Ray facility has also been incorporated into the hospital limits. 

Sponsor a Child Program 

The Sponsor a Child Program has been one of the landmark initiatives that were taken by the Lok Kalyan Samiti to bring about positive change in providing education to the larger sections of the society. A lot of people who are working as migrant laborers are unable to educate their children as they are working under extreme levels of poverty. These kinds of children are sponsored by the ones who are ready to pay for the education of the child. 

Overall mental health improvement 

When a person enrolls himself in an NGO like this, then the mental health of the people is refreshed to a major level. This leads to a positive outlook on life. 


One can see that Lok Kalyan Samiti is the best NGO in Delhi which works towards providing holistic development of the kids and the people who belong to underprivileged sections. One wishes to be a part of this NGO owing to the above reasons.

Not to mention, the NGO has a great reputation and will make sure the money you donate will be used for the cause only. For example, if you wish to donate for child education in India with Lok Kalyan Samiti, they allow you to track the daily progress of the child, and even allow you to meet the sponsored kid. Genuineness is one of the major reasons that make an NGO great, and Lok Kalyan Samiti is a great example of that.