5 Reasons Why You Should Promote Your Brand with Customised USBs

The customised merchandise has emerged as the new-age go-to marketing tool that a majority of businesses have opted for.

The customised merchandise has emerged as the new-age go-to marketing tool that a majority of businesses have opted for.

While its rise dates back to a long time ago, these products have still not lost their relevance and are equally effective in solidifying the brand presence. However, this can also go wrong if the product that you choose misses the brief to target the audience in an effective manner.

As more than 85% of the consumers have admitted to keep the branded promo items for more than a year, there is no doubt that they are impactful. The only thing that you have to decide is the product that you want to promote your brand with which will enable you to get the true value for your money.

Herein emerges the personalised USBs that are versatile, functional and stylish. Not just that, these small yet magical pieces are excellent branded giveaways at fairs and events.

To help make a decision, here are some of the reason why the branded USBs must be included in your marketing mix. Take a look.

  • Long-lasting– In this age of technology, the tech-gadgets have become a way of life. But the one downside is that they are inclined to break before long. There are thankfully, just a few pieces of tech gadgets which can survive the exposure to the outdoor elements and hard falls and the customised USB drives do just that. This is simply because these drives are devoid of any moving part and they are bound to last.

  • Extraordinary - Unlike the brochures, print ads and brochures of the erstwhile day, these drives also promote your business in a fresh new way which will help your business to stay ahead of competition and stand out.

  • Easy to Carry – The portability of the customised USB drives is another reason for using it as a promotional product for your business. This is a tool that can easily slip into your bag or wallet and can be worn around your neck without any issue. When marketing materials are highly portable, chances are that people will keep them for a longer time. When a customer receives a small and convenient item like USB drives in a trade show, they are more likely to keep them than the items that are bulkier.

  • Affordable – As the USB drives are quite light on the pocket, the entrepreneurs often think that purchasing them in bulk is going to cost them a fortune. But on the contrary, purchasing the customised USBs in bulk is going to save on your pocket. This is because most of the suppliers and manufacturers, that make the promotional USB drives, sell the items at affordable rates. Sometimes you even get discounts when the order exceeds a particular amount. So go for it now.

  • Practical and Reusable – Another reason why customised USB drives must make their way to your marketing mix is that they are reusable. Some of the marketing materials can be quite pragmatic but they are not effective in case of reusability. But with USB drives that is not a problem. You can rest assured that your brand is going to receive constant exposure when you choose customised USB for marketing. The consistent usage of the drives ensures high ROI and better conversions for your business. This generates familiarity with your brand amongst the users that will result in more sales for the same.

The above are some of the reasons why the promotional USB drives are so popular today and more and more businesses are using these to promote their brand and create their own niche in the industry without making a dent in their pocket.

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