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5 Things all Pole Beginners should know

Worry no more though because pole fitness (Fit2flaunt) is a great exercise for increasing blood flow, which naturally means it contributes to a healthy heart & brain as well!

A lot of people are trying out pole dancing for fitness and fun! It’s a full-body workout that includes cardio and resistance training in one. You can even improve your flexibility with various acrobatic moves. Beginners can also enjoy the perks of a dance pole workout, suspending weights, or propelling around the pole. But it’s no simple task! Climbing a pole involves incredible strength!! Here are a few tips that beginners should know.

You have to expose skin against the metal poles.

Pole dancers should push their tummies, legs, arms against the pole for better traction. Doing this is how you can master poses, footwork, and spins. Sure, you can wear any type of pants when pole dancing, but exposing your skin is necessary. Try out your moves on a silicone dance pole if you don’t like how metal feels. 

Don’t worry about how you look.

There are advanced moves that are performed by wearing pants, shorts, tights, etc. Working on new dance moveswearing tiny shorts and sports bras is intimidating. Don’t think twice about how you look. Instead, try focusing on the movement you’re trying out. Focusing this way can help free your mind and help you learn faster, and build your confidence. Make it more fun by practicing on a pink dance pole.

Learn to get a good grip

Your hand's grip on the pole can be challenging but makes a difference in how quickly you learn your moves. Ensure hands are always dry, or else you could lose grip and fall. Start by training your grip on the pole without any aids. Avoid wearing moisture, creams, lotions, and try Itac or Dry Hands instead.   

It’s not just for the girls!!

Men can take up Pole Dance Fitness too! It is ideal for guys to build up upper body strength, stronger backs, and good arms muscles.

Prepare for the burn.

Pole dancing is only sexy once you have mastered all the steps. Like any other dance form, you have a whole training process to complete filled with awkward, painful, and challenging moments! Beginners should be prepared for scrapes, bruises, burns from trying out any moves. It helps a bit to wear comfortable clothes over fashionable tiny shorts, sports bras, heels, etc.  

Better strength and flexibility

As your body gets used to all the soreness, blisters your body will end up looking and feeling much better. You will notice your arms, back, legs getting stronger as the pain decreases gradually. As you stretch all muscles, you’ll find yourself getting more flexible – you will be able to bend, twist and contort to perfection as you pick up new moves.


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