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A Kaleidoscopic Look into the Future - Content Marketing Predictions of Trends for 2020!

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Although we are standing at the doorstep of a new decade, there has been no change in the importance of content. On the other hand, the content has been growing more critical, considering that the digital space has been getting more and more edge for all businesses. However, to ensure the smooth running of compelling content, multiple updates in the Google algorithm have become a part of the journey.

It is here that content writing companies come into play. Their expertise in this field and demand of their profession is such that they are always updated about the latest content marketing predictions.

Trends in content marketing for 2020

The above-mentioned predictions are based on the latest trends in the market and are at par with the required algorithm that plays a significant role in ion determining a content’s SERP.

Some such trends include -

  1. Data-driven content – the new call

With the emerging competition, options are being narrowed down. As of now, data-driven content is a mandate, wherein marketers implement a trend and keep closed track of the volume of the impact that it has on their target audience. With this reverse-engineering in the content marketing trends 2020, differentiating between vanity metrics and those that matter are feasible.

  1. Content tailored to smart devices and voice search requirements

Leading the content marketing predictions 2020 is the voice search revolution. While the demand for smart devices skyrockets, predictions for smart search-based content is also witnessing a simultaneous rise.

Irrespective of whether it be content or social media marketing trends 2020, voice search still tops the list of marketing trends. As of 2019, the voice-activated content that had been created for clients were rooted with assistance and information.

Subsequently, with 2020, as more and more consumers get comfortable with smart speakers, API-driven interactions are also on the rise. It led to added nuances and specificities of voice-search-oriented content for 2020 by the top content writing company.

  1. Podcasts keep gaining ground

As of 2019, there are approximately

  • 700,000 live podcasts.
  • More than 100 languages of content.
  • Over 29 million episodes.

The data, as mentioned above, is reflective of how the number of podcast listeners has become three times across the last decade. With predictions of a further escalated demand, brands sponsoring episodes are much likely to get a widened base of loyal listeners. Following this, companies offering content writing services need to

  1. Approach podcast initiatives like they approach other marketing strategies
  2. Appear on other podcast episodes that have gained wide popularity

Know this - as per predictions such as content marketing ideas 2020 will soon be gaining a reputation as guest posting for 2020!

  1. A constant battle for featured snippets

One of the best content marketing trends 2020 is a continuous struggle to get placed in a featured snippet. While the rank zero in the limelight to boost conversion sales and click-through rates for businesses, irrespective of the genre of their trade, here are a few highlights of trends for featured snippet –

  • 7% of featured snippet generates a tabular pattern to represent data.
  • 82% of the featured content is structured in a paragraph form.
  • A majority of content answer questions referring to ‘who’, ‘what’, ‘why’ pattern questions that cater to new voice search trends requirements too.

So make sure that your preferred list of content marketing ideas 2020 comprises of this characteristic to avoid being categorised under the 50% of content with ‘no-click rates’.

With such content marketing predictions for trends in 2020, the SEO landscape is set to undergo a significant metamorphosis. Being on your toes for these trends ensures that you stay ready for the onset of a new decade.

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