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Classical Dances Of India

"This article is all about diffent types of dances in India. Everyone knows classical indian dance is so famous in a whole world but there are many different types of dances under classical dance. Article will give all the brief about all the classical dances and origine of it. "

Classical dances of India -

India is a secular country with diverse collection of religion, displaying their culture and traditions in the most extravagant ways. Almost every part of the country comprises of a particular form of dance styles which are unique in their own ways. Some of the classical dances of India are as follows -


  • Kathak - 

Storytelling through the movement of your hands, legs, body posture, facial expressions and much more is the style in which Kathak is performed.

Hailing from the northern parts of the country, Katha means story and the dance translates to the actions that might be portrayed through the story.

The dance is performed by both male and females and often referred to as the dance of love.

There are ankle bells that are attached, and the dance focuses a lot on the movement of the feet to capture the essence of how the dance progresses.


  • Manipuri -

The northern part of India is filled with rich heritage and culture. It’s a region that has surplus classical dances, and Manipuri is one of them.

Hailing from the area of Manipur, it’s the dance that translates the love story of Hindu mythology gods Radha and Krishna which is known as Raas Leela.

The entire format of the dance is carried out in the traditional attire of Manipur on the devotional music which is created by using many musical instruments.


  • Bharatanatyam -

Performed to the rhythmic tunes of Carnatic music, the dance form hails from the state of Tamil Nadu and dates back 1000BC.

Traditionally performed by women in the older times, it was performed in various temples across southern India.

The gestures and body languages translate to the multiple mudras which have cultural meanings.

In the southern part of the country, the dance form has been kept alive in various households.

Learning the dance form happens to be the pride of women in the southern region of the country.


  • Kathakali -

Yet another exciting form of storytelling through dancing is Kathakali.

The dance hails its origin back from the stories of Ramayana and Shiva.

Some massive props are used, and some expressive face paint or make up is applied to provide depth and character to the dance.

Typically, the vocals are called Soppanam, and a seamless storytelling experience can be witnessed through the dances in Kathakali.  


  • Odissi -

Originating from the eastern part of the country, Odissi happens to be the oldest form of Indian classical dances that is still being practised to date.

It is a dance format that is inspired by the sculptors and idols in the temples of the region.

Most of the mudras and dance steps that are performed in the dance format express the mythological tale of Hindu gods Shiva and Surya.

The music that compliments the dance are Odissi poems that are played in the form of music by classical musicians.


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