How SSC-CGL Preparation Change with Study 24X7

Some aspirants work really hard during their preparation of SSC CGL but still don't clear the exam. they're left wondering where they went wrong even after studying for 12-14 hours each day. What should be kept in mind is that although it matters what proportion you study, what matters quite that's your approach. If your approach is wrong, regardless of what proportion you study, you'll not be ready to clear the exam.

Almost all SSC CGL aspirants, at some point during their preparation watch the interviews of previous toppers. Some watch it for motivation while others watch it to know the ideas and tricks that worked for them. And one thing that's common in every topper's interview is their emphasis on employing a single source of preparation. But in today's digital age when everything is definitely available, how does one choose that one reliable source which will fulfill all of your preparation needs. Whether it's understanding the concepts, practicing questions or clearing doubts, there's not one source that will provide of these facilities. But Study 24X7 is now providing everything under one roof.

Read on to understand how Study 24X7 is your one-stop destination for SSC CGL 2020 preparation.

1. YouTube Videos                                            

There are tons of videos on Study 24X7’s official YouTube channel that cater to the SSC CGL aspirants and new videos are added every other day. Even for general awareness, there are videos supported recent events explained during a very simple language that can assist you to retain what you've got learned for an extended time. you'll either make notes or watch the video again during revision.

Not only that, but the playlist also has videos that specify concepts of various topics of the quantitative aptitude, reasoning, and English sections. you'll watch them free of charge anytime, anywhere. What's best is that you simply can watch the videos again and again till you completely understand the concept. subscribe to the YouTube channel of Study 24X7 and press the bell icon so you don’t miss out on any new video posted on the channel.

2. Live Sessions

The qualified teachers of Study 24X7 conduct live sessions that you simply can access either from your smartphone or laptop. this may drastically cut the time it takes to succeed in your training center if you decide for offline classes. The time saved in traveling is often utilized for your preparation. This hugely benefits those aspirants who have a full-time job and can't make time for offline classes. they will attend these live sessions from the comfort of their home. You get all this at an inexpensive price while saving your precious time.

3. Question Bank-supported Latest Trends

The mobile app of Study 24X7 has different question banks on different topics which are made by experts consistent with the newest trend. These courses accompany a free trial and if you wish it, you'll pay the complete fees, which is extremely nominal, and begin practicing. No got to carry bulky books with you everywhere. Install the app and you're good to travel. you'll even solve questions posted by other aspirants as doubts and watch your confidence zoom as you post the answer.

4. Clear Your Doubts Without a Hassle

The main issue with live sessions is that after the course is over and therefore the candidates start practicing on their own, there's no way for them to clear their doubts or an idea if they grind to a halt on an issue. Some institutions provide an option where you'll email your doubt but there's no guarantee of once you will receive the reply. The mobile app of Study 24X7 has broken this barrier by creating a community of aspirants where you'll interact with others through the app. you'll post your doubt and within a brief span of your time, you'll start receiving replies from the ever-growing community of aspirants. you'll even start a discussion on any topic of your choice and gain insights from other to prepare for SSC cgl

This is the primary one-of-its-kind social network for aspirants of competitive exams.

5. Notifications and Updates

The community of Study 24X7, whether you access it through the app or the web site, will keep you updated about the newest notifications of competitive exams. you'll receive all types of data and updates regarding the exams so you'll specialize in your preparation and don't miss out on any important news about the exams.

It is safe to mention that Study 24X7 is providing a platform that will completely change the way you steel oneself against SSC CGL. All the problems faced by the aspirants, both working and non-working, are being resolved through the facilities provided by Study 24X7. It facilitates learning that's collaborative in nature and straightforward in the pocket. So, keep your syllabus of SSC CGL 2020 handy, and begin your preparation today with Study 24X7. All the best!

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