Organizational Culture, Ethics, Leadership Style: Organizational Impact

The leaders have an important role in every business, as they have an objective and goal to achieve through effective leadership qualities.  Leadership is the capability to build a dream that encourages others to budge with an infatuation in the direction of a common target. So leadership is a procedure by which an individual persuades others to achieve a goal and expresses the business in a line of attack that constructs it more interconnected and rational.

The leaders have an important role in every business, as they have an objective and goal to achieve through effective leadership qualities.  Leadership is the capability to build a dream that encourages others to budge with an infatuation in the direction of a common target. So leadership is a procedure by which an individual persuades others to achieve a goal and expresses the business in a line of attack that constructs it more interconnected and rational (Ward, 2016). The business leaders like Mohamed Ali Rashed Al-Abbar and Abdulla Ahmad Al Ghurair who made their names in the different fields of business through their leadership roles. Both have played an important role in the development of the country and their own business as we can estimate their leadership commandment over the business development as both are billionaires and have importance in the market.

Mohamed Alabbar is a business tycoon of the United Arab Emirates who founded the Emaar Properties, which is considered the one of the biggest real estate development organizations in the world, with having annual revenue of $5.83 billion USD and the worth of $9.7 billion. The mainly important involvement of Emaar to Dubai is in sustaining the city's societal and financial development throughout the formation of leading real estate resources that append to the public delight of the city. The company endows with the inhabitants of incorporated societies with the sagacity of belonging, constructing thousands of new employment opportunities from corner to corner the possessions, hospitality, and leisure time fragments, and in shopping malls in the course of trade growth, thus lashing the development of auxiliary industries (Buckley & Hanieh., 2014).

            He is well known for building the world's highest building Burj Khalifa and the world's biggest shopping center The Dubai Mall, which are components of Emaar properties’ 500-acre ideal mammoth advancement in business district Dubai and Dubai Creek Tower at Dubai Creek Harbour, all set to designate over 3,000 feet high ahead completion in 2020. The company is also developing the 2,000 seat Dubai opus, Dubai yachting marina, the world's largest artificial dock, Emirates Hills as the Beverly Hills of Dubai, and King Abdullah Economic City, developed with ruler Abdullah of Saudi Arabia as one of the biggest confidential enlargements in the region straddling 64 square miles. Alabbar is serving as the advisor of the rulers of Dubai and previously served as the renaissance director-general of the Dubai Department of Economic Development (Wilson, Metcalfe, & Mimouni., 2011).

On the other hand, Abdulla Ahmad Al Ghurair is also a successful businessman of the United Arab Emirates.  Abdulla Al Ghurair established Mashreq Bank which is considered one of the leading banks in the country. Along with his son Abdul Aziz Al Ghurair who is working as the CEO of the bank, he also developed the eponymous company which provides the finances to other companies have interests in the food, construction, and real estate, where they appointed a CEO who didn’t belong to his family (Saito, 2016). Al Ghurair Foods are considered as the largest manufacturers of the pasta in the Middle East, and its products are distributed under the Jenan brand which also a strong brand considered in the region.

Al Ghurair’s construction company also took part in the external security or cladding of the Burj Khalifa which is considered as the world’s tallest building and also developed the Dubai Metro. Abdulla Al Ghurair has a net worth of $5.9 billion. The Al Ghurair Foundation for education is the initiative by him to promote education for the poorer people in the country and one-third of the whole assets of the group were donated to the foundation in this regard. The basic aim of the foundation is to help 15000 Arab students to provide them with higher education through scholarships (, 2018).

There are some differences in the leadership roles of both business tycoons as the difference of insights, decisiveness, courage, strengths, and diplomacy drought the leadership roles of leaders. As if the leaders lack insights and visions, the developments of business could not be established effectively.  Similarly, the decisiveness and strengths of the leaders direct the business towards success and directing the business in the direction of strengths is the best way to achieve the goals. Both business leaders have differences in strengths and strategies for developing their businesses (Müller & Turner., 2010).

A leader should have the strapping intellect of purpose or goals. The Al Ghurair and Al Abbar have the clarity of the purpose of their businesses. Both have different aspects of the business goals and have different strategies to achieve the goals. Both have the vision to provide ease to the society in every field of business and life. The Emaar Company of Al Abbar is providing the services in hospitality and construction through understanding the needs of the time and people to whom they are concerned. Similarly, the Al Ghurair group also has a clear vision and the directions of the business as they are aware of the needs of their concerned people, but the basic difference among both organizations is the difference in leadership style (Lindegaard, 2010).

The Emaar properties are ruled by the single decision-maker, and the owner as Mohamed Al Abbar is the expert of the economic and developmental affairs and knows how to deal with the issues which his business might face and the opportunities which he could avail. He plays from the front and leads the team in the directions of his proposed and aimed goals for the business. They avail of all the opportunities which the business environment of the country provides. Having strong relationships with the administration, they have worth based on the trust Mohamed Al Abbar build during his services to the country.

On the other hand, Abdulla Al Ghurair is the chairman of the group and has divided the role of leadership among his relatives especially to his sons and a person from outside of the family, so the divided role of leadership is also proving beneficial for the development of the business. All the components of the leadership role for the Al Ghurair group are playing diversified roles in respective fields. For Mashreq Bank, he appointed his son as the chief executive officer who is doing well through his diversified skills and abilities to persuade people to invest in the business (Gomez‐Mejia, Makri, & Kintana., 2010). Similarly, the food segment of the group is lead by a non-family member which shows that the trust among the team members is paying off to the business. Al Ghurair knows the norms of the business and needs of the culture so to reach this potential he diversified his business in different segments with the passage of time and accordance with business opportunities.

The business cultures of both organizations and leaders are very constructive as both organizations value their key employees and team members. The timely changes in the ideas and leadership roles are the key factors for both organizations. Al Abbar delivers the power to change the business culture of his company as he provides an employee-friendly environment through appointing appropriate employees and managers and taking them into account in the decision-making process. Abdulla Al Ghurair doesn’t interfere in the business decision-making process by the respective team members but provides the incentives which encourage them to be beneficial for the organization (, 2018).

Emaar properties of Mohamed Al Abbar are basically working closely with the regulations of the relevant authority which is the key success factor for their business as if the businesses are not following the regulations could not work successfully. Similarly, the Al Ghurair group also takes the legal responsibilities in to account for the steady business opportunities. Both organizations provide the facilitation to others about their concerns as it is also an integral part of a successful leader as apprehensions for others is the compassion of helpful leadership. In both organizations, people are treated as humans and are owned by organizations. As both works for their welfares and encouragement for their achievement for the productive work environment which is the key for the successful business management and both organizations are competing with these necessities of the business perfectly, and this is resulting in a positive way (Cheung, Wong, & Wu., 2011).

There are some qualities of the flop leaders like incompetence with the needs of the business and lack of required skills, strict behavior with subordinates, greed, and humility for others which could result in the failure of the business as if the employees are not satisfied with the working environment they will not take part in the organizational activities actively which decrease the organizational productivity. Al Abbar’s Emaar properties provide a friendly and challenging environment culture which depicts the reason behind their success in the business. Similarly, at the Al Ghurair group, people are also tackled in friendly manners which enhance the credibility of the group among the people which is crucial for the success of the business and the leadership role in the industry as the worth of every organization depends upon the reputation in the market.

The other factor which is playing an important role in the success of the business of the Al Ghurair Group is the social involvement of the organization. A good leader thinks about the social issues to attract the people towards his business, and the Al Ghurair foundation is the best platform for social work as they are working in the welfare of the students for getting a higher education. The Emaar properties also take part in the social work but the administrative role of the leadership is a bit materialistic in nature, but the purpose behind the materialistic approach is to reach the potential through networking.

Within both organizations, we can observe the difference of leadership models in the organization of Mohamed Al Abbar the leadership style is directive style as the leader Al Abbar posses his decisions strictly with lower level of consideration of the advices of the followers, on the other hand, the divided role of leadership for the Al Ghurair group which looks like the Free Rein leadership styles which acknowledge the advises and considerations of the followers in order to create a collaborative and productive business environment. This is the basic difference in the business cultures of both organizations and the role of both leaders.

There are different leadership theories that are applicable to both styles of leadership in both organizations for achieving their business goals. For the Emaar properties, the trait leadership theory looks appropriate as in this theory all the powers of decision making and management of business revolve around the leader Mohamed Al Abbar who is supreme for taking decisions (Derue, Nahrgang, Wellman, & Humphrey., 2011). In this theory, it is believed that critical leadership qualities might be remote and with the intention of people by means of such behaviors might after that be employed, chosen, and established into the leadership position, and this quality of leadership is observed able in the business leadership style of Mohamed Al Abbar.

On the other hand for the leadership style in the Al Ghurair group looked compatible with leadership theory as Contingency theory expresses that the accomplishment of the principal is a purpose of a variety of unforeseen events in the shape of an assistant, undertaking, and group erratic. Leaders who are very effectual at one place and time may become unproductive moreover when relocated to a different state of affairs or as soon as the aspects around them alter (Lorsch, 2010). The Al Ghurair groups use the technique of the change of the management according to the situations the organization face.

The organizations who work according to the norms of the society are successful in their businesses which basically depend upon the style of leadership and the business ethics that organizations present to people or businesses. In the case of both business tycoons, the effectiveness of the leadership qualities is quite visible as both belong to similar industries and value the people who are working there. In my opinion, the leadership role of Abdulla Al Ghurair is more effective than Mohamed Al Abbar as he divides the role among the team members and utilizes their abilities effectively which is the key factor of his success.

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