Top 5 safe and proven penis enlargement remedies for men

Penis Enlargement Remedies

Top 5 safe and proven penis enlargement remedies for men


Most of the men are dubious quite often when it comes to their sexual performance with their partner, there are indeed several reasons for it. One of the primary reasons for this anxiety and confusion happens to be the size of their penis. Despite the size being appropriate or even larger than the average size, we still have a feeling of completion when it comes to that. There has also been a silent and a discreet desire of every man if they could by any chance, increase the size of their penis. There are indeed several options which claim to enlarge the size of your penis. But how many of them are reliable and safe. Finding an answer to this question from an actual person is not an easy task, you also can ask your related question on

So here are 05 Penis Enlargement remedies for you: -

1. Penis Enlargement Pumps:


These are usually used as a remedy to erectile dysfunction, but they are not only used for that. They are also claimed to increase the size of your penis. They help you keep an erection for a long time, plus whilst wearing this device, it also enlarges your penis by a small length if not by a considerably large amount. Again, you have to use it in confined limits, as it is an external stimulus and using it might affect your natural erection with your actual size.


2. Traction devices:

These are practical devices that you need to wear on your penis in order to increase it. These devices are of the shape of your penis and you are supposed to wear these devices on your penis for several hours a day. Wearing this on the penis actually stretches it and traction is created, due to which the overall length of the penis is increased by a fraction of 1 to 2 centimeters.


3. Creams, Sprays, and Pills:

There are multiple pills, sprays, and penis enlargement creams available in the market that claim to increase the size of your penis. Penis enlargement sprays are available in many variants depending on the composition of the materials that are used in the products. These products do indeed come in many herbal variants comprising of several vitamins, minerals, and artificial hormones, that are said to increase the size of your penis. Regular consumption of these pills or usage of these pills can indeed lead to a minor increase in the size that too not in all men who use them.                                                                                                                                                                        


4. Exercises:


Many exercises are said to increase the size of the penis as due to these exercises the traction comes directly on the region of the penis, which works in a fashion that is similar to the traction devices. Still, these exercises need to be performed very carefully, cause if they are done in an incorrect manner they might lead to serious injuries.

5. Surgery:

Surgeries can be the cure of anything these days, but they do not always enhance or intensify the natural composition of your body. There are majorly two types of penis enlargement surgeries, one is injecting fat cells externally into the area of the penis and one is injecting fat cells from one part of your body to your penis. This is done to increase the width, length, and girth of the penis. The penis size then increases up to 2 to 3 cms in  span of 8 to 12 months.



Lastly, the size of your penis is not the only thing, that matters in Sexual Engagement, there are many other factors that matter too.




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