6 activities to do at home as a family

We all love vacations and look forward to that time of year when we can finally relax for a few days away from work. However, once we have free moments in the new apartment , we usually spend them doing nothing specific or just watching TV. Wouldn't you like to have a list of activities to do at home with your family?

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Well, in Nexo Inmobiliario we show you some hobbies in which you can invest your free time.

1.- Cook as a family

For many people, cooking is not exactly a fun hobby. In fact, some hate it because it involves taking on many tasks alone. However, cooking as a family is an activity at home that you can do as a group.

The different tasks are divided between the members of the house and the effort is much less. If you have the people you love around you, a little music and a good mood, time in the kitchen is really enjoyable.

If culinary arts are not something you have always liked, try doing it this way and you will see how you spend a good time with your family and even your perception of cooking could change.

2.- Crafts at home

Now, maybe you have small children, so you are certainly interested in activities with children at home . It is best to let all the creativity you have at that age flow freely through crafts.

The best part is that there is no need to go to the supermarket, since you can do it with tools and materials that you have at home. If your children are young, activities such as drawing, painting and cutting out cardboard figures help them develop their psychomotor skills, so it will undoubtedly be time well spent.

3.- Reading club at home

Without a doubt, reading is one of the best hobbies that you can adopt at home as an adult. In addition, this is one of the best activities for children at home , as it helps to develop language skills, concentration, memory, imagination among other skills.

You can select a book that your children are attracted to and read it along with them. Then at the end of each chapter they can share what they read up to that point. It's a great way to share family time productively.

All you need is a good book and a comfortable place at home. Maybe you feel that there are too many sounds coming in from the outside and it is difficult to concentrate. Don't worry, there are some simple methods by which you can reduce the noise inside your home .

4.- Create a garden inside the house

We all know the benefits of apartment plants : they improve air quality, help to refresh your environments in summer and add a touch of color and life to your decoration. If you already have several of these, then it is time to take the next step and try to cultivate them yourself.

Did you know that there are various herbs and plants that can be grown at home ? Yes, even if it is a small department. You only need a space near a window or a balcony from where your vegetables receive light.

Then it all comes down to the plants you select and how consistent you are with their care. Imagine going to the balcony, picking tomatoes or spinach and using them to cook without having to go to the supermarket. Without a doubt, this will positively change your lifestyle.

5.- Create an art wall

The following works as an exercise to encourage creativity in children. When they are still very young, it is recommended that children draw and paint. That can make your home look messy and stained.

For this reason, we recommend you designate an area of ​​the house in which your children can unleash their imagination without worrying about the disorder that this could cause. It does not have to be a very large space, one wall of your room and the floor adjacent to it is sufficient. Encourage them to post their drawings and paintings on that wall.

6.- Renew your old furniture

We all own at least one piece of furniture that is somewhat worn or is in dire need of a new coat of paint. Renewing a chair can be a project that will keep you busy for a whole day. The end result will add some character to your home and it will be truly rewarding.

Here are some hobbies at home that will make your spare time both fun and productive. Select an activity and spend some time with your family.

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