People make common mistakes with online dating apps

online dating apps

People make common mistakes with online dating apps

Don't write bio or have a boring profile

People often think that bios is overlooked or that not having one makes you look mysterious at all. It is bad practice to think that people are only interested in your pictures and give more of a reason to potentially suitors not to recognize your profile at all. A couple of words about yourself and what you are doing is better than nothing.

Just have group images in your profile

Ultimately, people want to see with whom they could potentially go on a date. If all of your photographs have your friends in them, you will inevitably be compared to the entire group. People also have a very short span of attention, so in every picture they probably won't try to scope you out.

Your first photograph is not of your face

Evidently people want to know what you look like right away, so your first image should always be one of your faces. Once again, the attention spans of people are very short and they are looking for a very quick decision to make.

All too many photos with the opposite sex

If you're a heterosexual man looking for a woman or vice versa, you should avoid posting too many photos with the opposite sex as it might intimidate people who are interested in you. 

Too many messages exchanged before the first date happens

Chemistry can be figured out in person much more easily than over online messages or text. You can not see body language through messaging and the exchanges fizzle out before the date even happens more often than not.

Taking baggage up early

Focusing on getting to know each other and understanding the positive values which each person brings to the plate is important. Bringing up your baggage early can potentially be overwhelming to the other person and it's best to get up once you figure out if you have chemistry with them or not. You don't want to have them scared away.

Too many dating websites or applications at once

Juggling between apps and the website can cause confusion or distract you from focusing on romance development. Keeping it limited to one or two means you can stick to what really matters, connecting meaningfully with potential partners.

Are too shallow

There are plenty of apps / sites out there for people looking to keep it casual, but if you're really looking to connect with someone on a date, don't use your profile to list very specific requirements for height, weight, or body type.

Starting boring conversation

To have a list of don'ts and to say "no drama" or "no hookups" is just a beacon to attract that. Your profile must come from a place of desire in your heart, not baggage or fear. Talking about sex, calling you "babe" or "beautiful," telling everything about your past (including your ex), interviewing the other person with questions about how much their property taxes are, fantasizing about who that person is and what you can be together— these are all ways to move too quickly. Grab your time. This is not a race.

You'll be putting yourself on a dating app to find love, not penpals. Too many people try to get to know the other person for weeks by sending messages or texting, and wonder why it gets boring or the other person is gone. Take this into your real life, ASAP.

Finding the balance between dating with a goal to find love in mind and not having any expectations as to who it will be or when it will happen will set your new love story up for success. Have fun and enjoy the process and the lessons that comes with putting yourself out there. Happy dating season!

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