Favouritetable vs Opentable vs Bookatable, to book a table in the UK

As a guest or a diner, the experience of trying out new restaurant stars from the moment you make the reservation. The food experience is always secondary, but what comes as a priority is an interest in choosing them.

Many restaurants are trying hard in the UK to bring multiple benefits for the people in making an interest in choosing them. But as a customer, you got to be much smarter in choosing the right restaurants. To help you out, here are some platforms that are available with reliable reviews and more.


FavoriteTable is an organic restaurant duration platform. It has only top hand-picked restaurants from across the UK, and each of them is selected based on the cumulative reviews of the common people. The list is ever-changing as the top restaurant gets reviews from the new customers. The FavoriteTable is continuously monitored, and the diner’s feedback is made visible for everyone. If you are new to the country or looking for a reservation at the top restaurants, you can find them on the website.

Some people wanted to try out new ambiance and taste but may not know where and what to pick. Hence this platform offers various categories from which you can make your choice perfect. For example, if you are searching for a business place or a restaurant attribute by a bar or a romantic setup, they are sorted in the platform directly. The highlight of using FavoriteTable is their allergen tracking technology. This is not a very common feature among the other website and gets an edge for the users. While making the reservation, you can eliminate the ingredients that may cause allergy to your body. The restaurants will customize the menu and ensure that the ingredient is not brought to your table.


OpenTable is one of the oldest restaurants listing platform started in California. They were launched in 1998 when the internet was booming, and hence they are well-established listing platforms found now. People keep going back to OpenTable for two main reasons: Service and reliability. The reservation made via OpenTable is always assured with a good experience. Whether you are new or an already existing customer, they still offer their best potential in finding the right restaurant and table for you. Now they have a large chain of 50000 partnered restaurants in the platform across 8 different countries. They are ever-growing and staying up to trend with technology.

The users of OpenTable gets reward points for dining, and they can redeem by using it for the discounts at the restaurants. The sense of community is built on this platform; hence there are several loyal customers found up until now.


Bookatable evolved as an online restaurant reservation service platform in 2006 in London. They are currently serving 13000 restaurants across 12 countries while updating them every now and then. As a consumer-centric website, they were highly appreciated by different bloggers, tourists, travelers who come from different places in the world. In 2019, the company made a strategic alliance with TripAdvisor and gained more traction. For the restaurants and the consumers, they have a website and also a particular application with multiple interactive features.  

The website has the listing of historic dining rooms to modern age exquisitely interior restaurants. The platform supports different types of cuisines, and the categories here are well-defined. You will be able to see the restaurant listing and countries’ recommendations on the portal. Based on the type of cuisine that you are looking for, for now, you can make a reservation for you and your guests quickly. The technology is made viable for the restaurants, and hence they keep the profile updated about the availability of seats. It is also found that the people who make a reservation with Book A Table are 50% new. Hence they bring new customers every day.

Final Verdict

Among the three listing platform, FavoriteTable is a go-to option because you can easily make an estimate of the value in the place. The food is essential, but there are other factors like distance, seating, staff, experience, ambiance, and surrounding are taken into consideration at FavoriteTable platform. They have gained more traction by having a stable interaction with the users. Every diner’s feedback is taken into account, which makes the user be part of the platform already.

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