7 Creative Ideas for Making Attractive Christmas Boxes.

Christmas is one of the most celebrated occasions of the year. Every country in the world has residents who use this occasion to celebrate and spread joy and happiness to everyone around them. And one of the many reasons why Christmas is celebrated and waited for by everyone, regardless of any demographic factor?

The tradition of giving gifts to our loved ones, wrapped in beautiful Christmas boxes. It is thought to have originated from Germany, and then spread to the rest of Europe, and onwards. But, whatever the origins may be, it is a fun tradition. Serving as an attraction for children and adults, the gift exchanging culture is loved and appreciated by all. Not only does it show our good intentions and feelings for others, but it is an excellent opportunity for people to bond together. 

Christmas season is here 

It's almost that time of the year when Santa will come and leave us presents in beautiful boxes near the Christmas tree. But why wait for him? When you can start making fantastic gift boxes on your own and add them to the pile, Santa leaves you, your family and friends. This year, make an effort to show your appreciation and fondness for others, by giving unique gifts to others in your very own custom Christmas boxes.

Designing an appealing gift box

Decide upon what you want to gift. Not directly related to design, but carefully so. If you know what you are going to put in the box, you can learn about the dimensions, storage capability and other things that you need to look for when finding the correctly sized box. If you know about what you are going to give, you can decide the theme according to which you are going to decorate the present.

Once you have decided upon a theme, you should proceed to the box packaging . And to help you with that, we have made up a list of 7 different ideas and techniques that you can use to make the ordinary gift box in something extraordinary. So here goes:


It is Christmas, and you don't have to look far to get creative ideas. Red and gold wrapping papers with Christmas themes patterns of pine trees, tasty meals or even simple floral designs will do. You can also get custom Christmas packaging. Instead of making the present stand out, try to fit in with the air of festivities and make it look like a proper Christmas gift.


Do you want to build a snowman:

If you haven't made one yet, you are missing out. The Christmas spirit includes making a snowman with a carrot for a nose and twigs for limbs. What if you could make your gift box a proper snowperson instead of just a box? This type of design might take some effort, but it will definitely stand out and show the other person how much you care for them. Plus, it's fun and a great way to attract the attention of kids. Don't limit yourself to a snowman; make a pine tree, or a gingerbread man, or even a Santa shaped box. Let your creativity flow.

Make it sweet: 

Not just the gesture, the gift itself. Use the little liquorice sticks available at every candy shop, and use them adorn the ribbon or tag that you are attaching to the present. There are many other types of miniature candies available that you can connect to the gift, and make unwrapping a greater pleasure.

The paper:

Instead of decorating on the article, use a document that is an aesthetic in itself. Old parchment sheets, large atlases and road maps, sheet music, and many more. Not only is it visually appealing, but you will also be reusing old paper, and playing a part in keeping the environment clean.

Multipurpose packaging: 

Here's a great idea. How do you give three gifts in one creative way? Go to a clothes shop, buy a button-down that you want to gift the person. Place your donation in the shirt and wrap it around the box. Make sure that it looks neat, and the shirt does not get dirty. Attach a brooch, or a bracelet, or any other significant trinket to the gift card. Not only is it creative, but it will also definitely cheer up the person you give it to.

Good news: 

Grab old newspaper and magazine sheets and use them to wrap the gift. Make sure that the articles are regarding topics that the other person would like reading about. Graphic designs and colourful cartoons in magazines can be used too. Use the paper to make DIY designs like flowers and spirals, and attach it to the present. Not only is it eco-friendly, but it is also a great way to showcase your artistic skills.

Photo tags: 

With more and more creative printing techniques, you can use them to make your own custom christmas boxes or gift cards. A great idea would be to paint a picture of you and the gift recipient on the gift card. You can use other custom designs as well and decorate your box.

These are some of the ways in which you can make you're present more than just a tradition. Involve a personal and artistic touch and increase the value of the gift.

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