7 Dress Shoes: Must-have in Everyone’s Wardrobe

7 Dress Shoes: Must-have in Everyone’s Wardrobe

Look at these 10 shoe styles, you should add up to your current collection if you want to showcase the best styling version of yourself.

The shoes you wear always speak of your personality. Choosing the right kind of footwear to match-up with the dress you are wearing, always takes you to the best of fashion. Look at these 10 shoe styles, you should add up to your current collection if you want to showcase the best styling version of yourself.

The Derby: Formal with some casual pinch

Wear a brown pair of Derby if you want to add some freshness to your formal stance.

Loafers: Stylish as well as relaxed

Formals and semi-formals, both the styles can be matched-up with a stylish pair of loafers.

The Borgues: For a casual and smart look

A pair of jeans, semi-formals, and even formals can easily be paired with the Borgues.

White Sneakers: For trendy & relaxed attire

They are awesome to get a perfect casual look at the weekend. You can also wear them with some dark coloured formals.

Sports or Running shoes: For the complete casual look

Nobody can skip on the running shoes while completing the shoes’ wardrobe. They are as much compulsory as formals and other semi-formals shoes in your collection. Even if you are tight with your job or business schedule, you do not forget to involve in sports activities like jogging or walking sometimes. Hence, it is necessary to adjust a pair of sports shoes in your collection. Check out the latest collection of Asian Sports shoes on https://www.asianfootwears.com/collections/men-sports-wear.

The Lace-up Boots: To get edgy and tough-guy look

A pair of Lace-up boots is always needed to get in touch with the rough & tough style whether you are going out in the dark or you are hitting streets on your motorcycle with a classy leather jacket.

The Oxfords Formal: To be a Gentleman

You can have them to uplift your formal and semi-formal looks. You are suggested to wear Oxford formals with Suits, Tuxedos, Formals, and Semi-formals.

Choosing a pair of running shoes is not as easy as buying a t-shirt from a shop. From the comfort to the grip, you need to run many checks before finalising a good pair of running shoes. If you have decided to jog or run for the purpose of fitness, then you have all the more reason to purchase a good pair of running shoes online.

Tick these checks before you finalise a pair of running shoes.

Upper Material

Everything above the sole of a shoe is considered the upper material, which can be a combination of fabrics and mesh, glued and sewn together.  Most of the modern models are made using knitting and printing to craft a single piece upper, which is good to stretch and support. Upper material should be designed like the shape of your foot, which helps to provide a perfect grip without leaving any gap.


The outsole is a direct contact between the track and the shoe. It is often made with a combination of rubber and foam to provide durability, grip, and comfort. The sole of a sports shoe is considered good if it is having traction control and extreme comfort without adding excess weight or stiffness to it.


A midsole is defined as a foam material adjusted between the outsole and the upper material, designed to offer cushion and comfort to the foot. Ideally, the perfect midsole for a pair of sports and running shoes shoulde neither be too soft nor too hard.

Heel Comfort

Your ankle gets a shock when you step on your heel while running. Some of the shoes feature extra cushioned sole on its heel side to avoid rough landing of the feet. So you must check on the cushioning and gripping before purchasing a pair of running shoes.

Forefeet Comfort

We cannot skip the forefeet part of the foot, which pushes us forward while running. An optimum cushioning absorbs the shock generated at the time of landing, while forefeet cushioning offers a perfect push to the body. Try to check a perfect balance between heel and forefeet cushioning in a running shoe.

Flexes as you want

To make the shoes flex as your feet bend, many shoe brands use grooves under the sole portion of the forefeet. You must look for a shoe that flexes or bends as your feet want during your running pace.

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