7 Myths About Compatible Toner Cartridges

Are you looking to buy compatible toner cartridges for your printer? Be sure to know the myths and facts related to it. Myths will help you make the decision wisely and enable you to choose the best toner cartridge for you.

After using the compatible toner cartridge, I can say that not all feedbacks and reviews are true! Whenever I planned to purchase a toner cartridge, I got to know so many myths with different facts and fictions, most of them were false. But, now, when I’m using the compatible toner cartridge and enjoying its amazing benefits, I want to let other purchasers know the reality behind the cartridges. 

I know, if you’re also looking to purchase a toner cartridge, then you are surely hunting to know the crucial facts & myths, related to it. So, to help you understand each fact thoroughly, I’ve curated this post with 7 amazing myths. Scroll down & enjoy reading. 

Here’s a lot to know, which will really benefit you in purchasing the right toner cartridges. 

Table Of Contents 

  • List of 7 Myths You Must Know About Printer Toner Cartridge

  • Unavailability of Parts

  • Poor Printing Quality

  • Quality Assurance & Testing

  • Non-OEM Look Different

  • Non-OEM Damage Your Printer

  • Page yield

  • Limited Warranty Or Guarantee

  • The Bottom Line

List of 7 Myths You Must Know About Printer Toner Cartridge

1. Unavailability of Parts

It is completely wrong to say that elements are not easily accessible in the markets. A few times back, the administration has passed a bill enabling the suppliers  & makers to introduce different types of parts of a compatible toner cartridge. As per the laws and guidelines mentioned in the bill, it’s become easy for the users to examine different kinds of parts for the cartridges from the open markets before making a purchase. So, it's just a misconception that the parts are difficult to get, once damaged. Nothing like this!

2. Poor Printing Quality 

To be honest, when I was planning to purchase a toner cartridge, many of my friends or colleagues told me that the toner cartridge gives poor printing quality. But now, when I'm working on it, I can say that toner cartridges are best in their operation. It will never lead to poor printing quality results unless you provide less attention to it. All toner cartridges need regular maintenance. If you are using high-quality refills to ensure high printing quality, then it becomes your responsibility to refill the toner only when it’s needed. 

3. Quality Assurance & Testing

It is another one of the most popular myths that Non-OEM toner cartridges by third-party companies don't offer superior quality results. But there is no truth behind it! Just like the OEM products from brands like HP, Samsung, Dell, and Brother, non-OEM compatible toner cartridges also have the same print quality. The non-OEM printer cartridges and all products have undergone certain standards and went through various quality tests before going out in the market. 

4. Non-OEM Look Different

The packaging is different in all compatible printer toner cartridges, and they may look less attractive and “cheaper”. But do you think packaging really matters? 

You’re not going to use the packaging but the toner cartridge inside, so don’t let packaging change your mind from making a purchase.

Packaging, in actuality, makes prices higher and can harm the environment too.  Therefore, it's crucial you know the real reason behind why compatible toner cartridges look different from the original product. It may be because of some copyright issues from the original manufactures or anything less. You must ask the manufacturer before making the purchase.  

5. Non-OEM Damage Your Printer

Not true, just because your printer toner cartridge is non-OEM, it doesn’t mean it will damage your printer. Yes, sometimes there is a possibility of getting a defective toner cartridge, whether it’s OEM or non-OEM, but that’s most likely due to human error or a fault of the company. 

A toner cartridge will harm your printer only when it is used incorrectly. So, before you purchase any toner cartridge, make sure you read the capabilities of your printer thoroughly so it can work amazingly with all types of cartridges.  

6. Page yield

If you are worried about the page yield that the OEM printer toner cartridges possess a good page yield than Non-OEM, then it's another myth! Many Non-OEM compatible cartridges have high page yield, providing much more print output than the other standard yield OEM cartridges. So, it really doesn't matter which OEM toner cartridge you are purchasing - compatible or remanufactured, make sure you compare the page yield and the printing cost per page before making a purchase. 

7. Limited Warranty Or Guarantee

Well-known manufacturers of the Non-OEM compatible toner cartridges provide a 100% guarantee and 1 year of warranty to the customers. This warranty period or guarantee is quite similar to that of OEM cartridges. So, if you are not satisfied with the performance of the Non-OEM toner, then don’t blame the guarantee and warranty, because these are almost the same or even better.  Even if you are also getting any issue while using the toner, you can return it for a free replacement or full refund. 

The Bottom Line

Well, these are the top 7 myths about compatible toner cartridges, which are essential for you to know. If you still have any doubts in your mind and find it confusing to choose the best toner cartridge for your printer, then let me know in the comment section below. I can better understand your pain of not getting desired printing output or effective results, just because you don’t know how to choose the best toner cartridges. This is the reason I choose to write on such myths, which can help users like you.

If you’re currently using toner cartridges, then do share your experience. Or else, if you have any opinions, then let me know too. I hope you enjoy reading. 

Have a good day ahead!

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