What is Shilajit and how it works?

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What is Shilajit and how it works?

Many of us must have thought about increasing our sexual timing. We might have heard about various western medicines like Viagra. But we are often skeptical about using it. Heard about Shilajit? Not the Dabur one. It is an ayurvedic form of the actual substance. Many of you might not know that Shilajit is a gooey slimy substance that is found on the foothills of Himalayas. It is developed by slow decomposition of plants over centuries. It is also termed as organic fossil. Shilajit is an Ayurvedic medicine for men which brings back the lost youthful energy in their body. It helps them rekindle their relationship with their partner on a fulfilling and more exciting level.
The main ingredients in this capsule, Shilajit is a mineral-rich substance extracted from the Himalayan mountain most popularly known as the energy secret of the immortal Himalayan sages. Apart from being an anti-aging agent, Shilajit is said to spark sexual libido that is, add fire to their sexual desires.
Shilajit can also be used for general weakness and stronger immunity. It helps in restoring body’s strength and rejuvenating overall physique by recovering the wear and tear down of the tissue cells due to aging and other factors. The pressure from the weight of mountains and extreme temperatures forces the plant to gain minerals and it starts flowing out of rocks.

Shilajit is mainly used in various ayurvedic medicines. It causes a positive change in the well-being of a person and improves the health of that person. It is often termed as Indian Viagra.

Now you must be wondering about how it works. This article will address all your queries regarding Shilajit and its working. Let’s see:


Shilajit minerals are actually in ion form. Due to this our body readily absorbs them and takes them to their required sites. According to Ayurveda, the Gold grade of Shilajit is term as a rejuvenation substance. It is called “rasayana.” Shilajit medicines are mainly oral supplements that have the ability to repair tissues. Due to this repairing of tissue, muscles start regaining their old form. All this is done by recirculating blood and sensing the right nerves to lead the nervous system.

Sexual importance:

Shilajit is not only used as a sexual enhancement but also an oral supplement for curing male infertility. According to a study on group of 60 infertile men, they were given shilajit after meal for a period of 90 days. At the end of the study, it was found that more than 60% of men under observation were found to have an improved sperm count. Also, more than 12% people showed an improved sperm motility. Remember, to improve one’s fertility, the ability of sperm to move appropriately is important which is called sperm motility.


For consuming Shilajit, it can be dissolved in warm, non-chlorinated water. Then it can be added to tea or warm milk for drinking. If there is a problem to drink by dissolving in anything, it can be consumed directly by keeping it under tongue and directly swallowing it.

About the intake, it should be taken in a size of rice grain initially. It can be taken from once to thrice a day depending on the size of dose taken. The amount of dose can be increased gradually for increasing the energy and effect.


Shilajit is a trusted ayurvedic oral supplement used for centuries to improve sexual performance in people. The best products are mainly filtered with spring water and then taken to laboratory for safety and purity.

That was everything about Shilajit that you deserved to know before consumption. You can get it from your nearest ayurvedic store or medicine shop. If you want a better-quality product for you, you can always head over to ThatsPersonal website, can directly visit the link- https://www.thatspersonal.com/men/performance/supplements.html    and get your share of this ayurvedic panacea. 

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